Douche-Bag of the Month: Craig Beresh

By: Ben G. Rowin

Someone who has surpassed the levels of jerk and asshole, however not yet reached fucker or motherfucker. Not to be confused with douche.

So I have wanted to start a Douchebag of the Month column online for quite a while now but the editors have been against it. Well lucky for me, I am the boss and I can do whatever I want! So I started thinking this weekend, who would be the first person to call out for their douchebag behavior? Would it be Bonnie Dumanis? Nah, too easy. I know Laura Duffy! Yeah that’s it!

Then I got an email forwarded to me from one of my advertisers. This email contained a Boycott of NUG Magazine message that has been recently sent out by Craig Beresh, President of the California Cannabis Coalition!

I thought to myself. Holy Fuck! With all of the problems facing San Diego patients at this time, with the Federal intimidation going on, this is how the CCC and Mr. Beresh decide to use their time? By attacking a fellow member of the community, once again, and trying to create division in the cannabis community? It seems to me that most of the messages I see coming out of Craig Beresh are bashing others. Whether it be the folks at American for Safe Access (ASA) or us (NUG), its never positive stuff, just hate filled propaganda!

So I had to refocus my energy and show that not only is this Q-Tip headed, self proclaimed leader of the cannabis community not only a liar but a HUGE douchebag!

Here is his email below with my responses: (Mr. Beresh’s email appears in red)

Support The Boycott On The Nug Magazine
The San Diego medical marijuana community has started a boycott on the San Diego based Nug Magazine.
The cannabis community has not called for a boycott! Mr. Beresh has! And Mr. Beresh is NOT the community, just a member of…and in my opinion, not a very good one!

The reason for this boycott is the misinformation/ no information that the Nug has put out. This has helped to divide our community. The Nug has blacklisted all activists who have a voice outside of SD ASA. This is because it is controlled by SD ASA. Their own radio station Nug Radio quit working with the Nug because they were ordered to not talk about other activists in San Diego who don’t support the SD ASA program, among other things.
So what is Craig pissed about? That we don’t cover him enough? Or is it that we
allow members of ASA to write for the magazine? Other magazines allow members of ASA to write for them as well, yet no boycott of their magazines! I think that Craig is trying to divide the community and he strongly believes that he will get fewer donations for his organization which is where he draws a paycheck. He hates ASA. Yet San Diego NUG Magazine has no affiliation with ASA. In fact, we are for the complete and total legalization of cannabis. A stance that ASA will not take! Do we blacklist activists…NO we just don’t like to work with Craig because he is a liar, and more importantly a person who is ALWAYS putting down others instead of working on positive things. Like now! During a time when ALL of us should be working together to fight the Federal intimidation of San Diego Patients, Craig thinks his time is better spent putting down a magazine that is part of the movement. Nice job Douchebag!

I gave ASA the opportunity to have a free ad in NUG and to submit editorial. Funny thing is that I gave Mr. Beresh the same opportunity MULTIPLE times! He chose not to take advantage of it and then decides to bash us for not telling his side of things. Lame!

San Diego did a referendum to end the ban on medical marijuana and the Nug did not report on it until after it was completed.
Perfect example of a lie! Here is a link to the some of the coverage we did:

The referendum was the largest undertaking ever recorded by a local community to change the law. Many stories about what the community was doing was submitted to the Nug and we interviewed with them before we started the referendum yet no story on the web site or the magazine until after the referendum was completed.
All the other magazines in San Diego reported and helped with the referendum. There is no excuse for the Nug not to report on it. Did they want us to fail?
In the past they did not report on the global marijuana march or the Christmas show that the community did. They did not report on the many free legal classes for the MMJ community. The list goes on and on.
Another Lie! Here is a link to where not only did we cover the CCC again but we donated space for their ad for legal classes, a donation of $550:, look on page 24 and 25 to see the article and the free donated ad! Be careful donating to the CCC or you may be the next one they attack!

Want more examples of our coverage of them in the past? Check out the August 2011 issue, both the publisher’s letter and page 20 and 21!
Or September 2011,, page 20 and 21!

How to boycott
Do not shop with people who advertise with the Nug magazine. Call the advertisers and advise them you are boycotting. Complain to any store that carries the magazine. Throw away any copies you see. Pass this on to everyone you know about the boycott. Let’s end the restrictive permitting and misinformation in the media about cannabis for personal gain.
Now, above is where Craig Beresh tells people in the community to boycott a cannabis publication and he tells them to break the law! It is unlawful to remove more than one copy from any distribution location. It is petty theft. Is this the kind of person that the community needs or wants to support with donations?!

This email has been sent to multiple people and has been posted on the CCC website for over a week. We at NUG have not received one single phone call regarding this matter. This attempt to create division in the community is yet another shining example of how Craig and the CCC operates. I would warn anyone and everyone, that one day it may be you he turns against. He called for a boycott on NUG in 2010 also and we took the high road and worked with him again in 2011. Well, Craig finally gets his wish. We will NEVER work with him or his organization again, and this will be the last time any of our readers will see this guy’s name on any of our pages!

All of this and more is why Craig Beresh gets my very first DOUCHEBAG of the month award! Congratulations Craig! Your douchebaggery is outstanding!

bringing you that fire!

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