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By: Marc Emmelmann

October is a great month to get out and about, and sample many of the arts and entertainment flavors we have in San Diego.  Not only does Arts Tix have a slew of treats to choose from, but starting October 1st you can score two FREE tickets from our yearly massive ticket giveaway! This doesn’t mean the tickets will last long, so as soon as you can, login to www.sdArtsTix.com/free-night and follow the prompts!

I mentioned this in September’s column, so hopefully you have been anxiously awaiting the details!  You’ll be able to choose from offerings via San Diego Shakespeare Society, San Diego Civic Dance, San Diego Ballet, Playwrights Project, Orchestra Nova, San Diego Repertory Theatre, Balboa Theatre, Coronado Playhouse and San Diego Symphony. I’m very excited about what Coronado Playhouse has to offer!  Let me give you a clue – here’s the description: “Experience the battle royale between good and evil.  Prepare to immerse your mind into a realm of imaginative madness and plundered possession. Hold on tight, take a deep breath and listen to your heart beat. Romance is in the air – as you’re whisked away into a world of passion – of vampires – of lunatics, lovers, and obsessive compulsives.”

Did you make any guesses? No, it’s not “Belly Dance Superstars” or “Drumline Live” because these will be at the Balboa Theatre.  It’s not “The Road to Mecca” either, which will be at the San Diego Repertory Theatre.

Please only 2 tickets per person (Not 2 to each production – Offenders will be caught and blacklisted, *sinister laugh*).  But don’t worry; more freebies are coming your way.  There will be no excuse to miss “Dracula” at the Coronado Playhouse if you abide by their “Give Blood, Don’t Make Us Take It” maxim.  It’s a special blood drive on Friday, Nov. 12th from 12pm to 6pm.  The blood bus will be outside the Coronado Playhouse and anyone giving blood will get a free ticket too.

Moving on, in the month of October and November, you can look forward to some great shows available at www.sdartstix.com, including the comedic Norman Conquests at the Cygnet Theatre, a trilogy with three shows with the same plot, but each taking place in a different room and therefore telling a different part of the story.  The three plays are: “Round and Round the Garden,” “Table Manners,” and “Living Together.”  Each play stands on its own, but seeing all three creates a fuller picture and a unique theatrical experience!

Arts Tix is also selling tickets to “As You Like It,” presented by The Moonlight Cultural Foundation and New Village Arts at the Moonlight Amphitheatre.  This Shakespeare play is famous for the quote: “We that are true lovers run into strange capers.”

Ion Theatre Company presents “Jack Goes Boating” at the BLK BOX (6th & Penn) and is showing now!   It’s the play that spawned the newly-released film of the same name directed by and starring Philip Seymour Hoffman.  It’s a quirky romantic comedy about four working-class New Yorkers.

Arts Tix also has film festival tickets on sale this fall!  You can find tickets for the San Diego Christian Film Festival with early bird discounts and “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” deals for Filmout Screenings! Filmout presents “Carrie” on October 20th and “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” on November 17th, both at the Birch North Park Theatre!

Tori Roze and the Hot Mess will be performing at Portugalia in Ocean Beach on October 20th. Iza Moon Dance Collective is opening, that’s right – a dance company opening for a band.  Tickets are available at the door, at 9:00pm.
Brewhaha Entertainment is keeping up with quality assurance of weekly stand-up comedy events in University Heights.  You can have a gay ol’ time every Saturday – details at http://www.brewhahaentertainment.com.

Arts Tix may have ½ price tickets for “Beauty and the Beast,” which will be at the Civic Theatre from October 26th-31st.  Check our website or sign up for the e-club at http://www.sdartstix.com/e-club and you’ll be notified when we have them in stock!

Oh, and if you haven’t figured it out yet, Coronado Playhouse is producing “Dracula,” YES!

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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