Oregon businesses prepare after legalization of marijuana

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It hasn’t even been 24 hours since voters approved legalizing recreational marijuana in Oregon, and already medical marijuana dispensaries are preparing to expand their business.

Stacey Kafka spoke to business owners about their plans.

Nicholas Landis and his family opened the herbal center back in April.

“Every month we’re increasing. It’s a fun business. It’s growing every day,” said Landis.

Now after just a few months in business they’re getting ready for a major expansion — with the passage of measure 91.

“It just changes everything now. It changes the whole business plan for us and the way that we’re going to have to approach business now,” he said.

He says right now, around 120 thousand Oregonians have medical marijuana cards.

When recreational sales start next year, Landis expects his customer base to expand to about 2 million people.

“Our vision? To be able to finally be able to offer marijuana to just everybody, to stop the criminal aspect of it. And we just envision a good time. The customers we have coming in here, it’s a lot of fun, the people that we get to meet. And to expand that to everyone else, it’s going to be a lot of fun,” he said.

Across town, the Greener Side expects similar growth.

“We’re gonna see an increase of patrons, the market share is going to increase probably around 80 percent,” said Chelsea Hopkins, The Greener Side.

And it’s not just local businesses that are looking to get involved in the marijuana business. Entrepreneurs around the country are already helping people set up dispensaries and get licensed.

“I think the opportunities in Oregon are going to be absolutely extraordinary moving ahead. You’re going to see an extremely robust industry with many new businesses being started there. The entrepreneurial energy will to be enormous, the number of jobs created will be extraordinary, the tax revenue will be incredible,” said Leslie Bocskor, Nevada Cannabis Industry Assoc.

But before anyone can walk into one of these shops to buy pot, the OICC has to roll out guidelines which could impact how the shops change their business model for all the new potential customers.

“We’ll see whether or not we can integrate adult sales with medical marijuana sales or if we’ll have to open up another facility. So we’re just waiting to wait for the details and see how we will expand,” said Hopkins.

“We know there’s a lot of curious people out there to see what it looks like in here, to see what goes on. And we just can’t wait to offer that to everybody that’s 21 or older,” said Landis.

Even though shops are expecting big business with the recreational side, they say they don’t have plans to change the way they sell medical marijuana to their patients.

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