Pandemic at The Roots Factory

How’d The Show Go? 
by: sandieganliz

The Roots Factory held a Pandemic Art Exhibit equipped with live music and video-screening. This took place on May 7th at The Roots Factory warehouse in Barrio Logan.

Pandemic’s event was called, “The Restitution Tour,” in honor of selling his art to collect money to pay the city’s fine for his street art. With about 40 displays of black-and-white drawings and pieces, Pandemic set a nice mood in The Roots Factory. A few pieces were displayed on the floor, including a Pandemic globe and a tall post, and a couple of pieces hung on the wall that appeared to be made out of fiberglass. The rest of Pandemic’s artworks were drawings of faces and gestures. I saw about eight pieces that I considered purchasing.

Two underground, hardcore punk bands took the stage, The Lumps and Roach Spit. Roach Spit consisted of two to three guys, with one on bass guitar and the other on drums, and another one who was on stage now and then during the set, singing. Next up was The Lumps and their set was really enjoyable with the female bassist/vocalist leading. She definitely brought an edge to the music with a guitarist and drummer playing along. Afterward, a DJ brought some hip-hop to the scene, with a freestyle MC spitting words on the mic.

The event started around 7pm and ended around midnight. People also gathered outside where seats were available, and where a video-screening area showing random images was set up. Beer and snacks were available as well.

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