Patient Care Association of California Rally/March!

We, the Patient Care Association of California, would like to announce a rally/march in opposition to recent actions by the US Attorney Laura Duffy and City Attorney Jan Goldsmith on Tuesday, October 18th  at noon from the San Diego Civic Center Plaza to the Federal Building.

Participating allies in the march/rally will include Citizens for Patient Rights, Cannabis Education Campaign, San Diego NORML, California Cannabis Coalition and San Diego Cannabis Policy Reform. The general public is also welcome to participate.

We stand united opposition to the unwarranted and unjust federal actions against medical marijuana patients and collectives taking place in San Diego and across California. These actions are an affront to the democratic process in the state of California, the will of the California voters, patients and their families.

Despite repeated statements from local and federal authorities that they would only target gross offenders, the federal district attorney, in conjunction with the local San Diego City Attorney, are targeting all collectives in San Diego County with letters ordering immediate closure.

The Patient Care Association is comprised of over 60 collectives dedicated to following state regulation, crafting fair local regulation and self-regulating to ensure that we best serve our patients and the community. We contribute to the local and state economy in the form of taxes, employment of hundreds individuals and ensuring safe affordable access to thousands. Despite our good faith efforts, our collective membership continues to be the target of cease and desist letters from the city attorney and, now, asset forfeiture letters from the federal government.

This blanket attack on the medical marijuana community does not serve the interest of the patients, their caregivers or the general community. It goes directly against the will of the California voters who voted over 15 years ago for compassionate use, and continue show their support.

The federal government is acting directly against the sovereignty of our state by its failure to respect our direct democracy laws. With the federal budget on empty, the economy in disarray, our prisons overflowing, and prohibition-related violence raging across the border, it’s an outrageous misuse of federal resources to wage war on marijuana dispensaries.

We call on Attorney General Holder, our local U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy and San Diego City Attorney Jan Goldsmith to halt their campaign of intimidation. We urge them to work in good faith with the collective community to create a fair regulatory system for medical marijuana distribution that serves the needs of the patients and the community.

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