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Primo Beer was founded in 1897 on the island of Hawai’i. Known for its special brewing, Primo Beer has continued to flourish not only on the islands, but along the western coast of the U.S. The beer is popular among water sport scenes and music ones too. Hawaiians turn to the special brew for those special times when it comes to celebrating life, events, and golden sweet times.

Primo Beer is a golden lager with sweet tones. This is because the brewmaster uses pure Hawaiian cane sugar in the beer to ferment it…and one should know that Hawai’i is known for its sugar. Also, according to Primo rep’ Paul Tralka, the beer “is balanced off with German Hallertau hops and American Mt. Hood hops that gives this lager a medium body and satisfying taste.”  The beer is 4.7% alcohol by volume and got its origins from an award-winning brewmaster.  Paul also told NUG Magazine that it is a “session beer,” meaning it is brewed only for a few. He told us, “It was called the ‘Miracle of the Pacific’…and it was the pure Hawaiian water that made the beer so special.”

The beer company supports an active lifestyle. This includes giving a portion of proceeds to nonprofit foundations that support water sport events like surfing, canoe paddling, swimming, and even volleyball. Paul notes these types of events as part of the Hawaiian culture. He told NUG Magazine, “PRIMO is a lifestyle brand and that is what people who live in Hawaii do. They are an active bunch! Plus, this stuff is the interest of our staff; we all live the PRIMO lifestyle and support events that fit. If a Hawaiian beer supported ice hockey, that would not make sense.”

One thing Primo beer is not shy about is their involvement in the Hawai’i surfing community; from donating proceeds to funding scholarships for youth surfing, to helping the Surfrider Foundation clean up beaches, to pro surfers choosing Primo beer as their choice brew. Primo is proud to announce how they obtained their recognition, “A group of pro surfers and legendary Hawaiian Waterman, like Shane Dorian, Rusty Keaulana, and Keoni Watson, along with all their friends, were chosen to pick the best of five ‘test’ brews. They sat on the beach on the North Shore bringing island foods like Poke, pulled pork, sushi, Ahi, and even Spam, and drank beer. They chose the winner and here we are three years later drinking that choice.”

Primo is not exclusive to Hawai’i, though. The beer is also available in California and select-spots found in Oregon, Washington, Arizona, and even parts of Florida. It is also rising in the popular California reggae/rock scene. Although Primo does not sponsor any specific music events or bands, they are friends with a lot of the people who participate in the music scene. “Most large music events require big monetary sponsorship and Primo is just a small rootsy brand.  We are more likely to stoke out friends with gear and beer before they leave for tour,” states Paul.

There is no doubt that when choosing a Hawaiian beer with golden flavors and a reputation for supporting a great lifestyle, one should choose Primo beer. With quality ingredients and a taste that fits an active lifestyle, Primo is the rising choice among those in the western parts of the U.S. who enjoy outdoor sporting events, festivals, and the California reggae scene. Primo plans to expand further, but they state that it’s a matter of people choosing their brand over others. They said, “We would like to thank all the bands, canoe clubs, foundations, surfers, promoters, bar managers, and bartenders who have helped us build back up [after a break between 1984-2008.]  We have a long way to go, so if you know a bar manager, bartender or beer store that doesn’t carry PRIMO, tell them about it.  But most of all enjoy life, live aloha, and Okole Maluna (bottoms up in Hawaiian.)”

For more information, visit and check out their Facebook page for events they support.

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