Pro Skater: Tommy Sandoval

By. Overload Skateshop

Chula Vista Native and Pro-Skater, Tommy Sandoval, has been a huge innovator in the progression of skateboarding. He has been pushing the envelope the last couple of years and continues to surpass the normal pro level of skateboarding everyday. His “Die Trying” attitude makes him one of the craziest and most talented athletes in the world.

Do you want to smoke first or are you good?
I’m down. Let’s go downstairs to smoke.

[Back from the break….]

When did you start skating?
I first started skating around 1998.

What are your favorite spots in San Diego to skate?

Usually when I’m home I like to skate Memorial Skatepark, Chula Vista ditch, and Downtown SD.

What pros did you look up to when you were young?

There are a few that I looked up to but mainly Arto Saari, Jamie Thomas, Heath Kirchart, Andrew Reynolds, and Tom Penny.

What are some competitions that you have been in and what awards are you 
most proud of?

I’ve been in a lot of competitions but the ones that I am most proud of are 3 time Thrasher Winner King of the Road, Spring Break Yo Self 3 times in a row, and Maloof Money Cup 2nd place.

How long have you been skating for Overload?

I’ve been with Overload for about 3 years now.

Are you a medical marijuana patient?

What is your favorite dispensary in San Diego?
Holistic Café. They have a good selection and are friendly.

What is your favorite strain?
Herojuana. That’s the only strain that I’ve smoked that has been retarded.
Next to that is Sour Diesel.

How has medical marijuana helped you with your skateboarding career?
I was smoking weed before I was skating, so it was something I was already doing. Skateboarding was something I was interested as well. I would go out and skate and smoke a little bit to relax and chill. Over the years it has kept me mellow and keeps me relaxed at that point of exhaustion.

Does it help with the stress before doing tournaments/contests?
Sometimes I will get more stressed out if I smoke before a contest.  I will think about a lot of things, but now I just go in to a contest and not worry about it. I’ll smoke a bowl and because I don’t think about winning I actually do better.

We heard you just got on to LRG? How did that come about?
One day I got a text message from Billy Marks and he was asking me a bunch of questions about riding for LRG.  I was just like, “I’m down for it.” I didn’t think it was really a possibility, but then phone calls were being made and offers were being put on the table. It was a weird transition from Fallen Apparel. It was a good time for me to transition though and everything just made sense.

Marijuana legalization is on the ballot this November… what are your thoughts?

What are your plans this summer?
A lot of touring, some traveling- separate from skateboarding, and making some changes; getting in to a healthier mind state, and staying concentrated on things that are important.

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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