Project Out of Bounds

“Go Dub Yourself”
Written by: Ras Mike

What it do Diego? I was recently handed a CD called “Project out of Bounds” by this cat named Richard; he tells me “Ras, yo you gotta check out this band” and passes me a copy. I never like to listen to the CD in front of the person (in case it SUCKS) my facial expressions give it away. So I took the CD and told him I’ll call him later, while driving home I popped the CD in; it started off rather slow but I still dug it. After listening to a track called “Go DUB yourself” it all made sense. I walked into my house and told my wife you should listen to this song. Being the constant professional she is she told me she had no time and suggested that our daughter listens to it, considering this 13 year old has a proven track record of picking good songs before others have even caught on; so I sat her down with the CD. One hour later she simply says “it’s a really good CD”. I called Richard and was like ok let’s do it; I want the interview….This Interview took place in beautiful Pacific Beach (PB)
Project out of Bounds is four guys hailing from San Diego, California that are trying to take the music scene by storm. After years of hard work, adversity, trial and tribulation the boys are ready to reap their rewards. With the release of their first CD self-entitled “Project out of Bounds” they are ready to go to the next level. The Project has opened/shared the stage with Collie Buddz, Eek-a-Mouse & Common Sense just to name a few. Also they have performed in some of the top venues in San Diego including The Belly Up, Canes Bar and Grill, PB Bar and Grill, 710 Club, Avalon and the list goes on. I asked Kris (lead vocals) what was the most memorable thing that has happened to you on stage? He recalls a show at Canes where they were opening for Eek-a-Mouse and the place burnt down (just the kitchen NOT the whole venue) right before they were to go onstage. With the release of this CD we hope to get more work; “We have a chip on our shoulders, we want to prove to people that San Diego is a breeding ground for talent”. People here know their music; we are a rootsy town, a DUB town and we are Dancehall. The thing that will keep Project out of Bounds in the game is that they are talented musicians, with tracks like Jah is Coming and Army you can hear the musical talent bleeding through the tracks; the fusion of rock and reggae/dub make it truly diverse and widely  accepted if you have a vast musical appreciation. You judge for yourself visit or on MySpace/projectoutofbounds and as always SUPPORT SD MUSIC!

Project out of Bounds is
Kris-Lead Vocals                   Austin-lead Guitar
Ryan-Drums                           Andy-Bass

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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