Prop 19 : Major Key Endorsements Continue to Grow

By: Dion Markgraaff

The Tax and Regulate Cannabis Initiative has been given the number 19 by the state for the historic November election. In additional news, the campaign is gaining continual momentum with big endorsements, major labor unions and one of California’s civil rights leaders – the NAACP.

Many analysts of the initiative see the successful passing of this law as a huge economic explosion and employment opportunity like few others in our history. This is why many labor unions like the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Western States Council are endorsing Prop 19. The Western States Council represents some 200,000 union members in western states, including some 26,000 in California. Before this announcement, Local 5 in Oakland announced that it would represent 100 employees working in local medical cannabis industries. In addition, Communications Workers of America Local 9415, which represents 1,800 members in California, Nevada and Hawaii, is also endorsing Prop 19 in this November’s vote.

In an interview in the Sacramento Bee, CWA Local 9415 Executive Vice-President Christina Huggins said unions also see opportunities for new jobs and members in a California marijuana market expanded beyond current legal medical use. “There’s a potential for a lot of jobs,” Huggins said. “When beer and alcohol was legalized, those were unionized jobs. We feel the people working in the upcoming industry should have good benefits, good pay and justice on the job.”

The truth in cannabis and the campaign’s work has resulted in a major key endorsement from the NAACP. In a clear sign of our Orwellian world, decades of brutality and propaganda, the segments of society that will benefit the most are unfortunately cowed into thinking the chains that enslave us are there for good reasons. Please read the powerful statement by this organization and its California NAACP President, Alice Huffman, who is also the chairwoman of the national NAACP’s Criminal Justice Board.

Ms. Huffman wrote a supporting article for The Huffington Post, stating in part,

“As leaders of the California NAACP, it is our mission to eradicate injustice and continue the fight for civil rights and social justice wherever and whenever we can. We are therefore compelled to speak out against another war, the so called “War on Drugs.” To be clear, this is not a war on the drug lords and violent cartels, this is a war that disproportionately affects young men and women and the latest tool for imposing “Jim Crow” justice on poor African-Americans…The report released this week by the Drug Policy Alliance confirmed that marijuana law enforcement in California disproportionately targets our youth. Despite consistent evidence that Black youth use marijuana at lower rates than Whites. In every one of the 25 largest counties in California, Blacks are arrested for marijuana possession at higher rates than Whites, typically at double, triple, or even quadruple the rate of Whites…We believe whatever potential harms may be associated with using marijuana are more than outweighed by the immediate harms that derive from being caught up in the criminal justice system…Given the current economic crisis and high level of unemployment, particularly for Black men, do we really want to permanently handicap a person’s ability to get an education, make a decent living, and have a productive life because they used marijuana? …Our recent history is filled with elected officials (including our current President), business leaders and others who have admitted using marijuana and were nonetheless able to lead productive lives…The California NAACP does not believe maintaining the illusion that we’re winning the “War on Drugs” is worth sacrificing another generation of our young men and women. Enough is enough. We want change we can believe in. That’s why we support Prop 19…Let’s invest in people, not prisons. It is time to end the failed war on drugs by decriminalizing and regulating marijuana to save our communities.”

We got the proposition number for the Tax and Regulate Cannabis vote – 19. The change we seek is in our collective laps – the time to educate everyone is now, vote “Yes” on Prop 19!

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