Punch Breath (Mendo Breath x Purple Punch) Review

Punch Breath (Mendo Breath x Purple Punch)

Grown by @herhighgarden
Bred by @symbioticgenetics

Back again and trying to catch up a little and showcase all these Buds. Today we have a @herhighgarden special, Punch Breath. A stunning gal that was really vibrant and easy to shoot. Purple Punch always seems to bring beautiful bag appeal and tropical flavors to any cross and this one follows suit.

Terps Inside the jar was a combination of Hawaiian Punch and a funky body odor musk. On the grind, things get fruity and tart with an earthy backend.

The structure was large, Buds stems and all. Everythang Big on this gal. And again it seems every time Purple Punch gets crossed she brings about amazing bag appeal. She had these beautiful Copper Orange pistils that really stood out. Please make sure to Swipe it. The High Starts with a nice euphoric punch that continued to come in waves along with total body relaxation and almost immediate hunger and heavy appetite. She’s definitely an Indica leaning hybrid if not a full indica.

Thank you to @herhighgarden amazing job and looking great in the Florida sun. @symbioticgenetics @intrepid_chronix

Enjoying the finest medicine there is. Enjoy my reviews!

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