Ready for Secret Sesh? Dec. 7th 2019

Are you ready for Secret Sesh? Dec. 7th 2019

Have you ever been sitting there on a Saturday with all your favorite people and thought, “There has to be someplace where you can go and play an arcade game or a round of beer pong (hold the beer please), with your friends and not have to deal with bad drunks or a buzzkill hangover. Well, if you haven’t heard, Secret Sesh is like a giant playground and shopping mall for cannabis enthusiasts; they prefer not to be called stoners, OK! Tim and the squad at Secret Sesh have you covered as they have literally thought of everything–water stations, plentiful parking, quick lines, and activities including various solo and team games, inflatable obstacle courses, a heated lounge, seminars, a toy drive, live art, glass art and more. Not to mention some of the hottest cannabis products and accessories available for those 21+. Secret Sesh definitely stands out in the cannabis event scene for their attendee focused business model, but they are not new on the scene. However, this will be their second legal sesh post-legalization.

It is a far cry from their humble start in the warehouses and backyards of Southern California, back in the glory days of Prop 215. Seeing them make it past the hurdles of regulation, which are all about great enough to cripple even the most seasoned and well-funded entrepreneurs, was amazing for those of us that have been along for the ride. If I may be honest, it is very refreshing after this new wave of hyper-aggressive canna-businessmen that have entered the industry. Tim and the Secret Sesh crew are true pioneers. They are and have always been free, making for a diverse group of people with one thing in common, a love for cannabis.
Still deciding what to do with your weekend? Let me share with you my experience last June so you can decide if Secret Sesh is the type of event for you. It was our magazine founder’s birthday, so vibes weren’t the only thing that was high that day. We hopped in the whip and drove north passed Los Angeles, as the sunset on another picture-perfect summer day. Pulling up to the sesh, we were excited when we realized there were numerous parking spaces, and the line to enter was short! Not to mention, security and staff were very friendly and helpful. As we strolled through the entrance and descended the stadium steps, a warm breeze brought in aromas of the finest cannabis California’s newly emerging legal market had to offer. It was refreshing to see some familiar faces able to navigate California’s convoluted licensing process. When we had an issue finding our passes, we found the secret booth with ease and approached smoking a nice raw cone of Cookies.

We were greeted with nothing but smiles and even though they could not solve our problem, they found someone who could quickly. The organization’s way to make everyone feel like they matter is a reason why many keep returning. My favorite thing overall is their attention to detail. Mainly, the abundance of lounges and places to sit and smoke (show up early as it is first-come, first-serve). This has been a problem for me and my friends during events, sometimes your feet are tired after your rounds and you just want a place to smoke out of your new glass, or let friends try those new terps you scooped. So after we checked out all the vendors, we decided to do just that and found a place to sesh before playing some games before sampling the various food trucks.

If you’re coming to the sesh, remember three things: dress warm, bring a toy to donate and that it’s free to enter! The high temperature for the day will be 60 degrees, but the wind chill will likely make it feel cooler. It’s the holiday season, so the team is having their annual toy drive. The person who brings the most toys will have a chance to win a VIP pass, with prizes for second place as well. Remember every toy includes a raffle ticket where you will have a chance to win TVs, gaming consoles, cash, gift cards and possibly even a Terp Kooler or a Puffco. You are allowed to purchase or bring eight grams of concentrates, an ounce of flowers and your own glass/smoking accessories. Adam Ill will be hosting and Jim Jones from legendary Diplomats will be performing. Activities include an inflatable obstacle course, a heated GA lounge, and hot cocoa from 4 pm – 8 pm.

The Secret Sesh main sponsors are Puffco, Loudpack, Greenwolf and Raw Garden, along with a few others. For the winter season snowboarders, the Sesh will have a mechanical snowboard ride for you to enjoy. Come ready to game as well, there will be a Ryno bus gaming/art car to challenge your friends after you get medicated. This year’s Secret Sesh will also have a competition to see who has the best flower, vape cart, pre-roll, concentrate, rosin, and booth.

Come through and see who wins the first Secret Sesh Cup and takes home first place! Hope to see you there. Your favorite influencers Dope as Yola and Mac Dizzle will be rocking with us as well.

Head to to grab your tickets for tomorrow.

Event info:
December 7th, 2019
12000 Stadium Way, Adelanto, CA


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