RETOX – Ugly Animals

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By: Squire 

“The world is ending and it’s about time” is the title of the first song from Ugly Animals, the first full length recording by San Diego’s RETOX.

With 11 songs clocking in at 12.8 minutes, RETOX encapsulates the sound of pure venom and total disgust, and delivers it with the speed and impact of a Boeing 757-223 flying into a tall building. For the tragic minority who see the world without blinders on, the existence of this music is inevitable: violence digested and transformed into art, an electric reaction to a world infected by madness.

Does it matter that RETOX is comprised of some of the most accomplished and prolific players in today’s global DIY punk underground?

“We have no problems singing songs that are not nice at all. This is why we bite when beat, why we sing our bite to a beat.”

This music sinks its teeth into the ears of the listener, and the pedigree behind the bite is of a ridiculously noteworthy caliber. But I’ll let the other music writers rattle off the extensive list of past and current work the members of RETOX have been a part of. I suppose it is validating that such good music is made by such exceptional characters that remain committed to this almost extinct concept of artistic integrity while continuing to push the envelope of radical music. But that’s not why you should give listen to their music. You should check this band out because they are fucking badass and you’ve been bad and had this coming, so deal with it.

“I gotta bust my own skull to compete with the ugly. Where are the opinions of people I respect?”

Mind you, this is not a political record. More like homicidal. RETOX are deadly punk soldiers with no need for a political doctrine because politics are pointless when you’re at war with insanity, and your only weapon is the sound of terror. Ugly Animals is the antithesis of “Easy Like Sunday Morning,” and the death of a “Peaceful, Easy Feeling.” These are the battle hymns of World War III.

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