Rhythm and the Method

NUG Magazine Interview with Rhythm and the Method.
By: Ben G. Rowin

We have had our eye on the San Diego music scene long before we started this publication! That is why we always bring our readers music coverage. San Diego has a reputation for launching artists. With some huge national acts coming out of San Diego and some of the best undiscovered talents gracing our local venues, San Diego’s music scene has been regarded by some as one of the top music cities.

One local band that has always been on my radar is Rhythm and the Method. Rhythm and the Method is a San Diego based band that is in a genre of their own. Mixing rock, blues, soul and a little funk with powerful, poetic lyrics written and belted out by Rhythm Turner. Rhythm has a soulful voice and amazing stage presence. The band is compromised of five talented and accomplished musicians, including Rhythm’s father and brother, keeping the line up a family affair! Rhythm’s father “Papa Shawn” Turner and her brother Evan both play guitar, and bassist Laura Payne and harmonica player Nick Walsh round out the group

Growing up in a house full of musicians, Rhythm began her love for music as a small child, reaching a level of comfort on stage that you would not expect from someone her age. I was really impressed the first time I saw this young girl live! The Method is tight to say the least, the members of the band give off the vibe that they have been playing music together for their entire lives and some of them actually have!

I caught up with Rhythm to ask her a few questions about the band and was surprised to learn that she in fact is a Medical Marijuana patient. She knew about our magazine and was excited to do an interview for the NUG readers.

NUG: I understand you grew up in a music filled household. Tell us a bit about how that helped develop your passion for music.

Rhythm: Because my parents were playing all kinds of different old records constantly, we were always surrounded by music. Not only that, my mother sang in a chorus, and my father has played music in San Diego since the 70s. My brother and I both played in bands throughout our adolescence including school concert and marching bands. The thing that developed my passion the most was the unwavering love and support we had from our parents, in particular our father. He was so excited that his kids were in to music, and now is livin’ the dream by playing along side them.

NUG: I know your father and your brother and you have been playing music forever basically, when did you officially start playing together as Rhythm and the Method?

Rhythm: Rhythm and the Method began in 2005 with just the three of us. We booked ourselves residencies at a place called 5ifth Qtr. (now Whiskey Girl) and the Hot Monkey Love Café, which helped us build our repertoire and fan base while we looked for other musicians to fill out the band.

NUG: I remember reading an article in San Diego CityBEAT about the hate crime assault that happened to you last year. Can you tell our readers about what happened?

Rhythm: I posted a video on YouTube about it (Rhythm Turner: Hate Crime Survivor) that explains in more detail, but basically this guy approached me and my girlfriend at the time outside of a bar in Mission Beach and was harassing us about us being lesbians. Things turned real ugly very fast and he ended up attacking me, breaking my nose and eye bone. Luckily, my brother was nearby and was the one who ended up apprehending him and ensuring his arrest. The perpetrator was arrested on felony battery and assault charges, but not for a hate crime.

NUG: WOW! I can’t believe that! I hope that guy does a grip of time! We at NUG are very supportive of LGBT community and believe as with the case of Medical Marijuana, that ALL humans have the right to make their own choices. Whether it is the choice of who you love or what you use as medicine. I also understand that you had to have surgery and without insurance it was difficult to get together the funds, but that you had an outpouring of help from the community with some donations. Can you tell us about that support and how it helped you get through that troubled time?

Rhythm: The outpour of support from my family, my band, the LGBT community, the music community, and the network of people, both friends and strangers, was really the thing that kept my hope alive through this terrifying experience. I have been able to turn this trauma into a catalyst for change, and an opportunity to raise awareness on many fronts. Although my face has healed up very well, I am still struggling every day to learn how to live my life as the survivor of a violent crime. It really does change everything…and I want to let everyone who has gone through something like this know that they are never alone, and that you can re-claim your power, self-love, and your life.

NUG: You talked in our last conversation about being a Medical Marijuana patient; can you tell us about how cannabis has helped you?

Rhythm: After the incident happened, I was prescribed pain medication, but was always very interested in pursuing alternative healing methods. Not only do I already practice Buddhist chanting and meditation, during this time I got really into acupuncture, chiropractic, and tuina massage. A friend of mine who is a medical marijuana patient suggested that I get an evaluation. I went and was prescribed cannabis not only for the physical pain, but also to help deal with the extreme anxiety associated with my insomnia and especially my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It worked well for me, and did not have the side effects of the pharmaceutical medication originally prescribed.

NUG: What is your favorite collective?

Rhythm: My favorite is California’s Best Meds! They have a great selection, and more than that, the people there are genuine and really care about their patients. They also have great patient-appreciation days like “Free Joint Monday” and “Tasty Thursdays” where they give a free edible with any donation.

NUG: Thank you for taking the time out to speak with us, we wish you the best of luck in the future and will continue to watch you climb! Tell our readers where they can find your music and about any upcoming shows.

Rhythm: It was my pleasure! And thank you, NUG Magazine, for not only supporting Rhythm and the Method, but many other notable causes including local music, art, and politics, as well as giving a voice to those who are in support of the pursuit of human rights! Also wanted to give a shout out to a couple close friends who really made Rhythm and the Method possible: Yuri, Chach, Jade and Noa! They have been our behind-the-scenes support from the start!

Please check out our website http://www.rhythmandthemethod.com as well as our Myspace http://www.myspace.com/rhythmandthemethod for music, pics, upcoming shows and news updates. We also have tons of videos and press releases, which you can browse through by simply searching our name on the web in quotes (i.e., “rhythm and the method”). We really hope to see you NUG readers out at a show! Thank you so much for your support…we couldn’t do what we are doing without you!

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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