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November 23 – December 21
Lucky Numbers 4, 12, 16, 32, 39, 47

With the North Star high in the sky signaling year’s end, a special time is upon us. Celebrating the most famous birthday and the trading of gifts brings families together and allows all of God’s people to reflect on the passing of another year. Share this special season with friends and family, especially the Sagittarians, for it’s their time of year. Happy Holidays…

The Sagittarius Female

The free-spirited, fun-loving, independent thinking Sagittarius female does as she pleases. Even though she knows how to make the best of everything, she passes through life without feeling responsible to please any group of people. Always ready to roll one for the group, she will party with the best of them. Our Sagittarius female loves life. She’s known to have a youthful quality, a great sense of humor and a big bag of medicine to share. With an optimistic outlook on the future, she wakes up every morning like it’s the beginning of the rest of her life. Wake and bake Sundays are her favorite day of the week.  She dislikes pessimistic people. She likes to live for the moment and is interested in trying new things. She’s more romantic than most people think; when needed, she knows how to make a person feel extra special. Because she’s usually late, you will have plenty of time to enjoy that extra bowl. Kick back and relax, for when she arrives, things go into high gear.

The Sagittarius Male

Lucky describes our Sagittarius male. Happiness to him means more than any amount of money. With a robust attitude towards life, Sagittarius males are spontaneous and enthusiastic. The Sagittarius male is rarely bored and life around him is never at a standstill. Known to always have a joint to pass, our generous, active, and intensely alive Sagittarius male is the life of the party. Trains, planes and automobiles, he loves to travel, enjoys outdoor sports and the world at large.  He dislikes being confined or closed in, which is why he settles down much later in life. He’s known for his short attention span and high rate of divorce. With his youthful appearance and his boyish charm, he loves being in the moment and the freedom of just living. When his cockeyed opinions get him into trouble, lady luck comes through, even when he really doesn’t deserve it. Luck be his lady tonight!

Compatible signs: Aries, Leo, Libra, Aquarius

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