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You know the American icon, you know the beer, now meet the rapper; Sam Adams!

Hailing from Boston, a Trinity College student, and captain of the soccer team, Sam Adams has quickly made a name for himself in the music industry. From his YouTube hit song “I hate college remix” to selling out large venues, Sam Adams has quickly proved that he is here to stay.  The 22-year-old sold close to 8,000 digital copies in its first week, taking out Lil Wayne and DJ Khaled.

I got an email from his publicist telling me about the upcoming tour, so I decided to check him out. I listened to the “I hate college remix” and “Still I Rise” featuring label mate G. Curtis, and was immediately hooked. I went to the Los Angeles show at the House of Blues Sunset Strip and was amazed at the amount of people you can pack into a venue of that size. The energy that the fans gave off was intense, and Sam responded back by giving them an amazing show.

Most college students have enough trouble dealing with school and sports. How do you deal with school, soccer and a music career?
I’m real good when I’m busy at getting shit done, especially for soccer. I give a lot of my time to that, and then when I have any free time, I’m doing work; and then after that, it’s all school shit; and after that, it’s all “free time”…time to make music. So being busy is real good for me, it always has been, whether it’s just school and soccer. But it’s really just about managing my time and being smart. If I have an hour off and don’t feel like doing work, I’ll write a song or make a beat. You know, it’s only a couple days or a couple hours a day of practice, so it wasn’t too hard to balance that out…but once commitments start getting in the way, like concerts and shit, it starts to get real difficult.

You went from doing shows at colleges, parties, and bars to selling out large venues throughout the U.S in a short amount of time. How did you do it?
We toured in places with big fan bases, did well with it, and people started coming back and telling their friends. And when you get to the level where you can sell out a venue, venues start respecting you and other people want to jump on. I have new management that’s about to come on and I’m about to sign a record deal, so it’s really just grassroots shit, playing what the fans wat to hear and playing the places we wanted to. Some venues you really got to struggle through, and you have to sort of bite the bullet where the numbers are low, but overall, it’s a testament to the fans of how loyal I am and how real those dudes are.

Your first song “I hate college” is a remix to Asher Roth’s “I love college”, which has over four million views on YouTube. What made you choose that song?
Just the beat…I love the beat that Mike Caren produced. It wasn’t at all taking a shot at Ash. I had the hook written and it was real catchy, and after that, I wrote the verses and it all came together. That’s insane that it has over four million.

Your first EP “Boston’s Boy” was released earlier this year and immediately took the #1 spot on iTunes, passing up well-known artists like Lil Wayne and DJ Kahled. How does that feel?
It feels ridiculous and very rewarding. A lot of people work their asses off for years, but can never break top ten, so it was great. It was so overwhelming at first that I didn’t really realize I was sitting at number one, but the cool thing is that we dropped it at the right time. It was suppose to come out on Saturday, but came out on Friday. I was in the middle of the air when I found out it was number five; and when I landed in LA, it was number two, and then it was number one. It was the best feeling in the world as you can imagine.

New Era Cap Co. has chosen you as one of the select few to be a flag bearer in the National “Fly Your Own Flag” advertising market campaign; can you explain the message behind the campaign?

There is a jewelry artist, an athlete, a choreographer and I’m the rapper; basically, all people that have different occupations. Different sources of entertainment are designed and the whole campaign is just sort of unbiased around what your city is or what your team is, and what New Era caps mean to you. I’ve been wearing New Era lids since I could walk. I always had on a Boston cap, so it means a lot to me. It’s like a staple of my wardrobe and always has been, and probably always will be. So that’s what it’s all about: where you come from, what New Era means to you, and how the cap you wear has impacted your life or style, swag, etc.

This is your first big tour and you have opened for Snoop Dogg, Drake, OK Go, 3OH!3, LMAFO, and many others; do you have any crazy tour stories to share with the readers?
Yea, this tour is insane! The last tour in September was rugged because we were in a van, then we bought some ghetto ass RV; so it’s a lot different rolling up in a tour bus. It’s also crazy the way kids come out at college shows to support you. They sort of take a risk like “I don’t know if I like this dude yet, but I’ll go to his show”. This tour is just as insane as it was in September. I think we sold out ever single date, and for college, that’s hard to do. As for crazy stories, I’ve seen fans faint, chicks literally trying to pour into our RV and bus like it’s a zombie land, and tons of other stuff – too much to list! This tour is a little mellower; I have little more privacy, so it’s nice.

Who are your musical influences?
Everyone from the Neville Brothers to Dave Matthews, Nas, Biggie, Jay-Z, Eric Clapton.

Are there any artists you would like to tour with or work with?

Your current single “Still I Rise” features label mate G. Curtis; did you know him prior to joining 1st Round Records?
No, I actually met G about four or five months ago, maybe a little longer than that. I was actually flying to LA when Zach (who found Curtis) was recording a song with him in the studio; I wanted to go say hi and introduce myself, but ended up writing both verses and putting them down that day. –That was the first day we met and wrote the song.

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