San Diego is a Sleeping Giant Part 2

When I sat down with Monster Energy DJ Mikey Beats and LRG sponsored DJ Fresh One I knew it would be good. Mikey Beats, known for his high energy and fun atmosphere at shows, and Fresh One, hands down one of Dagos most recognized and sought after DJ’s, have played every major venue/club in San Diego and rocked it with the best.

NUG: Who have you performed with?
Mikey Beats: Countless artists Ras, but the three that stand out most are opening for Wu-Tang Clan (all of them), Z-Trip, and hip-hop legends De La Soul.

NUG: Fresh One same question.
Fresh One: It depends. Some of the places I’ve been blessed to DJ are CRAZY, like Vegas, or the MTV hit show Sweet 16, or the 2007-2008 winter music conference at the Clevelander for the Elevation Party; but I would say rocking a club with The late DJ AM or sharing the stage with the TEACHER (KRS-1) who always makes you step up your show, as you already know.

NUG: How long have you been DJing?
Fresh One: 10+ years
Mikey Beats: 9 years or so

NUG: How did you come up with the name Fresh One?
Fresh One: I didn’t. I was in the studio with C L Smooth and he gave me that name.

NUG: What do you think of the music scene in San Diego?
Mikey Beats: As a veteran of the San Diego music scene, I have lived and breathed the industry since I was a teenager playing in my first local band and learning the importance of showmanship, crowd interaction and musical ability which I apply to DJing EVERY night I work.

NUG: Does Sleeping Giant Music as a whole have a serious grind?
Fresh One: Our work ethic and dedication to the game for nearly a decade has helped build solid relationships and expand our reputation for amazing work and originality.

NUG: So how did you link with LRG?
Fresh One: Dedication and reputation, building positive relationship/alliances with people. We always had a good business relationship.

NUG: Who else are you working with?
Fresh One: We (SGM) have worked with countless companies but the two that I am personally aligned with are LRG (urban clothing) and DJhere (Event Production/Promotion), both respected in their industries.

NUG: Top 5 songs in the club?
Mikey Beats: The top 5 songs in the club are usually what’s cracking on the Billboard 100. People like to hear what they know and are familiar with in the club. I like to pop off a lot of Michael Jackson, Janet, Madonna, ATCBQ and De La Soul.
Fresh One: Anything by J Dilla, Reflection Eternal – The Train of Thought, The Avalanches – Since I Left You, anything by Treasure Fingers, anything by The Notorious B.I.G.

Your favorite dispensary?
Mikey Beats: Ooh, that’s a tough one. I have to say Downtown Kush Lounge is pretty dope. In the beach area, PB Collective has great pre-rolls and an amazing Yerba Mate drink. Dr. Green’s is another one I frequent for edibles.

NUG: First song/record you bought?
Mikey Beats: Dr. Octagon – Earth People was my 1st record I bought as a DJ, but if you really want to go back, I bought a Blink 182, then it was just Blink, 7 inch back in ‘96. I have a bunch of other punk rock 7 inches somewhere too.

Mikey Beats:
Shout out to my peeps… Jenny Beats, I love you more than beans! Much love to the Sleeping Giant Music Family, Black Heart Familia, DJhere Productions, Kevin Brown, and Craig Smoove, you all are my people. Thruster’s, Fire House, Dirty Birds, Barwest and Shore Club you all are my watering holes! Monster Energy Drink, Noho Hang Over Cure and hopefully one-day Sector Nine for sponsoring me and adding to my brand.

Fresh One:
Shout out to my peeps… My family, the Sleeping Giant Crew, The LRG crew, all the fans that continue to support the music I put out.

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