San Diego Performing Arts Portal January 2012

By Marc Emmelmann

Time is of the essence, running January 7 -15 is the evocative play Spring Awakening, a modern adaptation with alternative rock and other symphonic and soothing musical sounds. Late 19th century Germany may be somewhat similar to modern times for young people figuring out their sexuality and surely life is still filled with many unanswered questions, suspicious authority figures, and avalanches of atrocities.  This time produced by California Youth Conservatory Theatre (CYC Theatre) at the world famous Welk Theatre in Escondido, Spring Awakening follows the story of late 19th century teenagers in Germany finding their way through the ugly truths of violence, oppressed sexuality, and forgiveness.  Growing pains always become fuel for the journey, don’t they?  

“No edits or embellishments,” says Shaun T. Evans, Managing Artistic Director. He added, “We have not changed, sanitized or added to this script to make it more palatable for an older audience, or less objectionable to a younger one – so we hope you appreciate the original intent of the authors, as well as the boldness and commitment of the young performers who take it to the edge for their art. We hope the messages of tolerance, understanding and forgiveness ring through and ring true in your hearts as much as it does in the hearts of the characters in the story.”

This controversial play is for mature audiences and has strong language and many sexual situations – not a G or PG show. Spring Awakening was once banned in Germany due to the portrayals of homosexuality, child abuse, rape and suicide, but that is not too surprising based on the time period it was written. Written by Frank Wedekind for a 1891 play, don’t get the wrong idea about this 2006 Broadway musical hit.  If you’ve never heard of Spring Awakening, rest assured it’s not just about watching some dark cloud of depressing doom and gloom, it’s quite the opposite. It’s an upbeat musical that just happens to touch upon the things that most people would classify as unmentionable or at the least, awkward. (I only slid into my seat once.)

With a cast of over 20 young adults, there are a few up and coming artists who really shine, but you be the judge. The stage artists are passionately committed to their risque roles and the score of talented musicians from San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts are truly impressive.  DID YOU KNOW Spring Awakening received eleven 2007 Tony Award nominations and won eight?! Get a taste of Spring Awakening this January and find out why. For times and tickets, visit May you feel deeply, reason critically, and indulge your senses in live theatre this month!

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