How’d The Show Go?
By: sandieganliz

On Friday, March 4th, Sashamon played at Winston’s in Ocean Beach. Sashamon is a band from Hawaii that is well-known among the island/reggae scene. Sashamon has been bringing his acoustic-sounding, Hawaiian/reggae to the California scene for quite some time.

DJ Carlos Culture mixed reggae tunes prior to Sashamon taking the stage. He spun music from artists such as Fiji and J Boog, who are well-known to the island/reggae music world.

Sashamon is good at addressing the crowd. He is quite personable with his audience, making sure they’re enjoying themselves. He gave a lot of props to his rockin’ lead guitarist Isaac Kamaile Jr., who really amplified the normally easy-going rhythm of Sashamon. Kamaile played a bluesy type of electric guitar and Sashamon got down on an amplified ukulele while the other members of the band really brought the rockin’ Hawaiian/reggae sound. Together, they played Sashamon hits like “Jah Roots” and “Necta”, and covered songs like Bob Marley’s “Bellyful” and Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode” – with the latter getting the crowd dancin’ and cheering!

Toward the end of the night, Sashamon got the gals of the crowd to sing “Peace is a Fire” while the guys sang “fiiiire.” – The band played along to it, making a nice crowd-participating song of “Peaceizafiya”. Sashamon ended the night with “Peaceful Vibration”.

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