By Zodiac Mama

October 24 – November 22
Lucky Numbers 2, 7, 15, 25, 27, 41

November signals the end of the harvest season and sets into motion a special time for Thanksgiving and the sharing of one’s bounty. Legends speak of a shared meal between the new and the old of the land. The Horn of Plenty spilled the rewards. At meal’s end, our founding fathers were delighted with a new custom of passing the peace pipe with its wild hemp herbs celebrating harvest’s end. Help keep this tradition alive, remember to pass your own peace pipe this holiday season. Enjoy a bowl or two and celebrate with friends and family.

The Scorpio Female

With her large hypnotic eyes, the Scorpio Female is irresistible to men. She knows what she wants and will let nothing get in her way, unless she’s offered the first hit from a clean bong. In any kind of activity she tends towards excess.  Spending more money than she should, the Scorpio woman always travels first class. Jealousy is her worst fault. She takes love very seriously. She is highly sensitive, deeply emotional and fiercely loyal to the one she loves. The Scorpio female has remarkable intuition; don’t try to fool her. Don’t be cheap. Always bring an extra eighth of something special just for her pleasure! Beware of the Scorpion’s tail; she will sting her way out of a corner when forced to make a decision against her will. The Scorpio woman is very independent and will go to great lengths to be her own person. She will, however, make that someone special feel that life couldn’t get any better.

The Scorpio Male

The Scorpio male is passionate, emotional and unpredictable. His nature is governed by his desires. He has so much charm and strength that you never really get upset if he takes one out of turn. It’s hard to be upset when he looks at you with those eyes! The Scorpio male is fierce, head strong and tenacious. He’s a high-voltage, great negotiator who never forgets. He makes an excellent business man; he has an attitude that spells “success.”  The Scorpio male will go out of his way to find the right medicine for a friend in need. He can appear to be calm and steady on the outside, while his inside passions are red hot!  He has very high standards; his glassware collection can’t be beat. The Scorpio male can be very secretive. It’s hard to know how many strains he’s in command of. However, you can always be sure that when he passes you his pipe you’re in for a real treat. In romance, he must gain your trust before he opens up completely. He needs to be sure that you are totally committed to him.  Once he does, he could be yours for the long term. Compassionate and protective, this man knows how to make you feel like no other.

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