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August 20th-22nd was San Diego’s first indoor gardening and hydroponics expo, The Indoor Grow Show (IGS) Expo at the Scottish Rite Center in Mission Valley. It was open to the public and was quite interesting. The show had some big sponsors such as R&M Supply, IGS, Heavy 16 and many others. There were local San Diego garden stores, and garden distributors displaying and promoting their products. What a good place to find and discover new products, and get a lot of different samples for free.  One of the local stores even had a DJ playing at their booth. That was a new one for me, since I had not been to a show in a few years and had never seen or heard anything like that at an indoor garden show.

There were a few quality, new products that grabbed my attention and I think they will work very well for many of you. The first two products are nutrients, Heavy 16 and Future Harvest Development nutrients, which are both very unique and different than most of what’s on the market today. Another great product worth mentioning was a new reflective material, brighter and more reflective than anything I have ever seen or used. I’ve heard about the product before, but this was my first time seeing it for myself with an HPS light burning in the room. The final product was called Equal Sun, which is a revolving platform that your plants sit on and it rotates your plants 360 degrees.

Heavy 16 is a COMPLETE 2 part A/B nutrient, meaning it contains ALL essential macro and microelements, making your produce MORE NUTRITIOUS and your indoor crops HEAVY and MORE VALUABLE at harvest. It is made with the highest quality ingredients and water. They take pride in micro brewing every batch of Heavy 16 by using deep mountain well water that is highly filtered and heated. They precisely measure and refine each ingredient to ensure CONSISTENCY and PURITY before it ever reaches a bottle.

They have made Heavy 16 as powerful and user friendly as possible. Their straight forward, easy to follow feed schedule ( is perfect for the indoor/outdoor gardener looking to keep things simple. They claim that it is so complete that you don’t need to use any additives and no PH adjustments are needed when using RO water (Reverse Osmosis). In short, it’s kicked up, just like a farmer would have it. All you need is Heavy 16 and water and you’re ready to grow large gardens that produce large harvests. It’s that easy! For the more advanced gardener, recommended natural products to enhance Heavy 16 include: organic stimulants, compost teas, enzymes, hormones, and microbial inoculants.

Heavy 16 is proudly manufactured in California. Bryce Patterson, founder, grew up gardening in his parent’s garden and discovered he had a passion for agriculture. The excitement of being rewarded with new fruits and vegetables for all his hard work was a great feeling to him. He knew he wanted to have a career in agriculture, exploring new frontiers in plant science. This passion led him to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where he earned a degree in Agricultural/Horticultural Science. After spending years working for various agribusinesses, he began to formulate his own nutrient based on the demands of the many local farmers that he had befriended throughout his lifetime. His goal was to create a nutrient system that would be founded on hard science and not the marketing hype that was beginning to dominate the high-end specialty gardening field.

Many of the large growers he knew were disillusioned by over-complicated and under-performing nutrient regimens found in their local grow stores. He was quickly compelled to create a line of nutrients that would stand apart from the rest. He based Heavy 16 on a few simple principals:

•Use only the Highest Grade Ingredients
•Keep the formulation simple, but incredibly potent
•Use micro-batch mixing techniques to ensure total quality control and peak freshness

It wasn’t long before word spread throughout California that Heavy 16 nutrient was producing massive yields of top-grade crops for serious growers. He quickly began getting requests for custom batches of Heavy 16, and eventually decided to make it available to growers across the country. The feedback has been phenomenal and he couldn’t be happier that his life’s work is helping so many people get the results they’ve been striving for.

I had the privilege of getting some of the Heavy 16 from the owner himself about 3 years ago when he gave me a couple gallons to test. The results are fantastic and it’s super easy to use. I did use some organic teas and additives, but I got to say I am really excited about running it again and having it readily available from a local hydro shop. I spoke to the owner recently and he told me that IGS will probably be the ones that they pick to carry and sell Heavy 16 due to their professionalism, customer service and knowledge. So I hope to see it available locally within the next month or so.

Another nutrient that I learned more about is called Future Harvest Development. To sum it all up, this is a company founded and created by growers, for growers. If you look at their product line many of their products seem to be the same as the big nutrient companies, but when you learn that they developed products years before most of the others, then you can see for yourself who copied who! Basically the same principle of products and additives, but without the corporate cost and bullshit! With all the problems associated with some of those other nutrients, I believe Future Harvest Development will be a great replacement for many growers.

The final product is Equal Sun, which is a rotating garden platform. It is meant to be used as a top hand fed system. The plants sit on a platform grate, and arms come off a single motor support and rotate the platform. This provides an equal distribution of light to the plants, with no shadows or dead spots, therefore creating stronger plants with more fruit on them. The plants on the outer edge of the platform will not be lacking production from lack of light, but instead be rotating towards the center and back out again creating an even canopy of fruit development.

I think this product will be a big hit and has many advantages. Several companies have tried to make spinning lights, but have been unsuccessful at making them efficient, affordable and reliable. This product should be a big advantage to most growers and I think you will find a significant increase in quality and production.

The IGS Expo was a good show and had several new products to showcase, but these are the ones I found most worth mentioning. I have a feeling that IGS will be picking up all of these products according to the companies I spoke with. Next time an indoor garden show is near you, check it out and you might find a few of your favorite new products as well.SD

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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