September 2010 Product Reviews

1) Chill Clock

What time is it? It’s time to chill! This clock is a must have! Chill Clock is a L.E.D light-up wall clock that flashes red, yellow and green at that special time of day and lets you know it is time to chill! You can set it to go off at any time you prefer, but I assume,  like mine, all of them will be set to 4:20! Their clocks and the merch that go with it are super fun and original…check them out online and grab one for your home or office.

2) Mom’s4Marijuana

The ladies over at 420 Exchange sent us a few samples of the newest addition to their product line, the “Mom’s 4 Marijuana Flip Flops.” You know us Californians love our flip flops…it is summer here all year! I couldn’t rock the pink so I gave them to MJ and Gio here at the NUG offices and the girls have been wearing them out ever since. The best part about them is that $4.20 from the sale of each pair is donated to M4M to help Mom’s For Marijuana continue their work to end cannabis prohibition…which in my opinion is a GREAT cause. Get some and help these ladies out!

3) Medicated Clothing

Now this is what the product reviews section is ALL about. I love seeing locals that are venturing into the entrepreneurial world, especially when they are so young. I came across Medicated Clothing online and noticed that they were a local company based in Santee so I shot them an email. Their “Prop 215” shirts are sick and I had to reach out to get a few! It was super cool to learn that these kids recently graduated and planted the seeds for their own business. Joey and Aaron, the two partners and also patients, decided to start Medicated Clothing while hanging out on their porch when their friend Dillon asked them “Have You Medicated Today?” I have seen their shirts popping up at shows and making their way onto more and more people’s backs! Medicated Clothing is not a clothing company; it is a lifestyle and movement to promote our rights! Medicated Clothing can be found at a few local collectives and on their myspace page and website.

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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