September 2011 Product Reviews

Allgreens Lip Balm
Allgreens lip balms are all natural, made with Organic Hemp Seed Oil, and packaged to look like prescription buds. Their goal is to offer a fun, high quality product while educating people on the benefits of hemp seed oil. They offer 6 different flavors/strains: OG Kush, Cali Orange, Sour Diesel, Bubblegum Kush, Watermelon Trainwreck, and Granddaddy Purp! Now I personally don’t use any cosmetic or lip balms, not even all natural ones…so I had to have the ladies here at NUG review this product for me. Gio Blitz, my assistant, said, “Allgreens lip balms rock! They are not greasy like other lip balms and the flavors are great!” M.J. Smith, our Associate Publisher, agreed, “This is a fantastic product! I love the fact that it is all natural and made from hemp seed oil!” They’re available for purchase on their website individually for $2.99 each or in a flavor pack (6 balms) for $15. Check them out:

2K Diffuser Beads
2K Diffuser Beads were first created in January of 2011 by Ben Kemph and Maayan Gordon as the first Klever Kreation by 2K Industries LLC. After working for a year at a head shop in Seattle, Piece of Mind, Ben saw a demand for diffuser beads on the market and decided to create a company dedicated to creating smoking accessories and devices to fill and fit the needs of smokers. Along with Maayan’s chemistry background and in-depth knowledge in scientific research, 2K Diffuser Beads were born. I really dig the glow in the dark ones that I put in my BOOM Felazi pipe! They really create additional percolation and cool down the smoke. I would recommend this product for all Bong tokers! Check them out online at:

The Ashmasher
The ASHMASHER was created for anyone who is tired of having black fingertips or lost lighters…They fit snugly onto any standard BIC lighter, come in super handy when it is time to pack down your bowl, and keep your fingers free of the black ash that usually happens when you pack down a bowl midway through burning it. The feature I dig the best is that they all come with a key ring.  I tied some hemp twine to mine and tied it around my bong so that no one can “accidentally” jack my lighter! Also, every time I grab my bong now, the lighter is already attached and I got my ASHMASHER ready to pack down the bowl! Really cool product from really cool people! Check them out online at:


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