Shoreline Rootz

How’d The Show Go? 
By: sandieganliz 

Shoreline Rootz played at Gallagher’s in Ocean Beach on Thursday, June 16th. Gallagher’s features a reggae band each week and this time it was this 10-member band, which hails from Encinitas, California, with three horn players, a bass, a guitarist, keys, percussion, drums, backup vocals, and front-man, Ryan Thorpes, who also plays guitar – this band is jammin’!

I’ve witnessed Shoreline Rootz a couple of times before, and the rumors that they are like a mini “Bob” band seems accurate. Think early Bob Marley music and you have Shoreline Rootz. This is because Ryan Thorpes is a mini-Bob – seriously! His vocals have a great rugged sound.  The instrumentals of the band are kick-ass too! The horns add a great touch at just the right moment, the keys are Santana-like at times, and overall, the music (especially the vocals) is one great jam session. It’s like a mind trip of reggae music – conscientious, melodic, and makes one feel good. Nice music Shoreline Rootz!

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