Sleep Lady – Fighting For The Year CD

Remember the first time you got really baked and sat down and listened to an album all the way through and just absorbed it? San Diego’s Sleep Lady transports you through space and time on a tour of the mystery of existence that is equal parts violent, ambient, terrifying, and soothing.

The band is tight. The dynamics of this album draw you in and hold your attention. The haunting opening track, “Sisyphus”, evolves from primordial to apocalyptic. At first lost at sea, floating in blinding darkness. The calm gives way to tension. At once, the drums and guitars hammer away in militant unison, shattering the ego of the listener, pointing out that we are powerless against the great unknown. The musical-tsunami sweeps you up and submerges you, but only momentarily. Suddenly, you emerge, there is clarity, and we are reminded what a beautiful thing it is to be alive.

Do yourself a favor, seek this record out. Treat yourself to 42 minutes of time where you aren’t renting headspace to any of the bullshit that you have been dealing with lately. Relax, absorb, and enjoy.  ~Squire

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