Sleepwalker (Sunset Sherbet x Purple Fig)- Strain Review

Sleepwalker (Sunset Sherbet x Purple Fig)

Bred by @fig.farms
Grown by @fig.farms

Back again this time with something different. A grower and breeder I’ve never tried before but have been wanting to for a long time now @fig.farms. Synonymous for their breeding and crossing of landrace strains like Afghan, Haze, and Uzbeki. Bringing out Terpene profiles and structure, unlike any other flowers I’ve seen out on the market. This is one of those strains I can guarantee smells like nothing else out there. Very new flavor profiles for me. I came across a few reviews where they had a hard time describing the flavors again because it’s so different but I think I nailed it.

Terpenes – Inside the jar were very floral almost exactly like rose or flower petals. When ground the floral amplifies and things get very soapy with hints of pine and citrus making for an overall Perfumy profile, Unlike any other flower I’ve ever smelled before in my 23 years of smoking cannabis.

The structure is the other distinct feature that seems to stand out with this strain and other @fig.farms buds I’ve seen. The strains they use and their style of growing seems to bring out these large buds with XXXL calyxes and the look of fox tailing, Which is a growing trait that comes out due to strains used, grow light dist, temps and techniques. Again very different from what I’m used to seeing.

The High, Like the name Sleepwalker, implies you get both Indica And Sativa effects on this one. The first thing I felt was very relaxed in the body and after a few minutes started feeling more buzzy and euphoric. You feel both body high and mental euphoria on this one. The first time I smoked her she def got my heart going. The Body high came on immediately after most exhales. If you smoke enough you will get the face numbing qualities I always speak of with high potency strains. She can lean both ways at times making her hybrid but for me, the indica qualities shined through.

It’s always exciting reviewing new strains like this that I’ve never come across before it keeps things interesting and keeps my pallet challenged and hungry for more. Thank you to @fig.farms.

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Enjoying the finest medicine there is. Enjoy my reviews!

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