Slightly Stoopid says, “Legalize it”

Article by. Goldi Schiffner
Photos by. Eric Fowler

“Legalize It, Don’t Criticize It,” those are the first few words in the famous Peter Tosh song “Legalize It” with the next verse stating “Legalize it and I will advertise it.” Well, nonetheless without legalization, Slightly Stoopid, Collie Buddz and Cypress Hill are making a statement with their Legalize It Tour 2010.

On July 17th at the Cricket Wireless Amphitheater these great artists gathered for a monumental festival and concert with the goal to inform and support the vote for legalization of marijuana in California, making a statement to decriminalize the drug nationwide with over 20 stops throughout the country.

NUG Magazine celebrated their one year anniversary at the festival by giving away copies of the magazine, t-shirts, grind-tainers and other green freebies. Concertgoers crowded into the amphitheatre as Collie Buddz, a Bermuda native, kicked off the night.

I became a Collie Buddz fan in 2007, when a friend introduced me to his self-titled debut album. Enjoying the music and being a firm believer in buying real CD’s, I purchased Collie Buddz. The album is great from start to finish with tracks that charted like “Come Around,” “Blind to You,” and “Tomorrow’s Another Day.”

Fans quickly got into the groove, waving their hands to participate in the authentic Island sounds. The performance was a spellbinding way to begin the event. It was a real treat for those who don’t get the opportunity to check out live renditions of the flavorful reggae fusion. The NUG crew got some great footage of the performance and overall festival, which can now be accessed at

The evening was unrelenting as the bellows of smoke amidst the crowd grew – how appropriate. Backstage you were among the icons of the movement including the founders of SeedleSs Clothing Co.

Cypress Hill was next to dominate the stage. The legendary group of outspoken activists performed all the anthems including “Insane in the Brain.” You could feel the intensity of the fans with their beat bouncing arms in the air. Cypress Hill has been charting tracks since the early 90’s and is the first Latino group to go platinum, so it was no surprise to see the crowd go crazy.

With a set that hit nearly an hour and DJ Muggs pumping out the hits, it was a great experience. As the set closed with “Rock Superstar,” the fans that had been anticipating the performance were pleased and crowded in a cloud of smoke that crept onto the stage.

Before Slightly Stoopid took the stage to wow the 16,000 plus fans, NUG Magazine got an exclusive interview with three members of the group, OG (percussion), DeLa (saxophonist) and C-Money (trumpet).

Slightly Stoopid is about as home grown as San Diego artists can get. With Miles and Kyle growing up in Ocean Beach, the local bars and clubs are what helped launch the Slightly Stoopid sound across the world. Brad Nowell, deceased leader of Sublime, is the one who discovered them. He eventually signed them to his label, Skunk Records, after some living room jam sessions and performances in Long Beach. Since Nowell’s death, the band has continued to carry a touch of punk rock reggae while bringing in other talents to create the influential group we know and love today.

The NUG crew crept into the Slightly Stoopid bus, passing ladies and bunks into the back family room area where they conducted the Q & A. You can catch video footage of the interview at

Are you guys excited to play in your hometown?

DeLa: Always, it’s great to come home.

So what’s next for Slightly Stoopid?

DeLa: This is just the kick off of the The Legalize It Tour 2010.  We’re headed to Boston to start on the East Coast and will work our way down for about 5 weeks with Cypress Hill and Collie Buddz.

Will you guys be getting back into the studio anytime soon?

OG: We’re always in and out of the studio, so as soon as we go home we’re in the studio.

Can you tell us more about when we can expect the next project?

DeLa: We are working on the next album to be released in an undetermined amount of time; I’m not really sure. We are working hard on it and we have a lot of material.

So, what’s been the best tour stop so far?

DeLa: I don’t know. I know I have my favorites.

C-Money: That’s like asking what the best shot was before the game is over. To be determined America. cont.

Can you name some of the inspirations that molded the Slightly Stoopid sound?

DeLa: I definitely have to say, knowing Miles and Kyle grew up here in Ocean Beach; it’s that lifestyle – the surfing, skating, outdoors, and sunshine. The natural beauty of San Diego coupled with the surfing lifestyle. Musically, besides Sublime, all sorts of different influences from rock to rap to blues.

What is the creative process like in studio?

OG: Everybody puts in, in the band. Everybody in the band brings something to the table. Everybody is creative.

C-Money: We’re all like pieces of the clock; everyone has their job and does it. That’s what makes it work. We’re all contributing to the fire and that’s what makes the fire twice as bright.

You guys are on the road a lot, how do you keep in touch with home?

DeLa: It’s a good thing for cell phones, but when we’re out on the road I try and see my family whereever I can. It’s nice to have a job that brings you to them.

What else would you like to say to San Diego?

DeLa: We love you San Diego, thank you for everything you have done for all of us.

C-Money: Wait, one more, I needed to say this. Prop 19, November, don’t forget! I think that’s why we’re all here; we’re trying to inform people. It’s called the Legalize It Tour for a damn good reason. Prop 19 is our hope to be free and organized. A hope to show all the rest of the states in this great country what medical marijuana and legalized  marijuana can  do, not only for the people and patients; but the tax money that can help schools, hospitals, sewers, and everything else that needs helping. Thank you.

NUG Magazine is celebrating their one year anniversary, how do you think the publication impacts the movement?

OG: I get your magazine, and there are a lot of great articles in there. People learn a lot, not just from politics, but everything that is going on that has to do with herb.  But politics is a big reason why we are here right now. We’re not like the pioneers; Cypress Hill has been doing this for a long time. We’re just lucky enough to be on the frontlines right now, the right place at the right time. Snoop Dogg and all these guys, when we were in high school we listened to them and when those records dropped we were like “what?!”

We are strong enough and ready for any kind of questions. We got C-Money here who is a master politician and historian, and anything they throw at us he’ll definitely chisel it out. We’re on the frontlines right now of what’s going on with the herb around the world. Not just in America, but everywhere else.

What do you guys think about the current battle with medical marijuana in San Diego?

C-Money: I think the defiance is where it’s at. I mean, setting up the dispensaries and running them to the levels that everybody did, shows the taxes are there and we’ll pay them – that’s the bottom line. The same thing happened with alcohol when it was re-legalized in this country; it’s almost the exact same. However, marijuana is not physically addictive and is nowhere near as harmful as alcoholism. There’s fetal alcohol syndrome, liver damage the list goes on and on. And yet this is available and is a sponsor of NASCAR, and all these things that children are involved in, in this country. I’m not trying to take anything away from that, but if this is we the people and if this is freedom, then why aren’t we getting what we need? Or at least allowed to do that, we aren’t hurting anybody. For real, it’s common sense.

DeLa and OG: Free the weed!

After the interview, the group chilled and got ready for their amazing stage performance that had concertgoers on their feet filled with anticipation. With a set that reached nearly two hours, it was a time of epic proportions in San Diego. The Legalize It Tour with Slightly Stoopid and its enthralled patrons reaching nearly 20,000 demonstrates that our voice is ready to be heard.

November is the time for us to show our support by not only attending shows like these, which seeks to educate and advocate, but most importantly going into the ballot booths and casting the successful step towards the decriminalization of our favorite healing plant.

Congrats again to NUG Magazine as part of the movement, celebrating a one year anniversary and a bright future in the cannabis community.

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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