Space Nature

By. Ben G. Rowin

We got an email from the boys in Space Nature and I spent some time listening to their tracks on Myspace. They are playing some Psychedelic/Surf/Rock that will bring you back to the 60’s and keep you grooving all night! Space Nature is 5 guys who live, jam, work, and smoke together in a tree fort of a home in Golden Hills. All are supporters of Medical Cannabis and made sure we gave a shout out to Green Heart Co-Op. Their favorite place in San Diego!

The band formed last fall and within a month were recording their first CD. Recorded, mixed and produced all out of their home and released in a limited 1000 copies. The response has been overwhelming. You can see why when you go to a Space Nature show and catch these youngsters live! The band is currently working on some new tracks for another upcoming CD as well as planning their first official tour. Check these guys out while they are still playing in San Diego, before they start touring! This is raw rock n roll the way it should be, garage rock that takes the listener on a journey of sound and vibes making you forget where you are!

We caught up with them to ask a few questions for our NUG readers:

NUG: Thanks for reaching out to NUG and for supporting what we do! Are you all San Diego locals?

SN: First off, thank you for doing what you do Nug! And yeah, were all locals, born and raised in either Coronado or Bonita.

NUG: Where did you guys meet and how did Space Nature become a full fledged band?

SN: We all met a couple years back through some common friends, and have been living together ever since. There have been other bands that we have each been a part of, but we have always jammed together. Space Nature started with a couple of songs that Taylor wrote, and just kept going from there.

NUG: Tell us a little about the struggles local bands have getting noticed in our city’s music scene?

SN: We had a couple of shows get shut down by the cops, but other than that, we try and stay away from struggling, we are just some dudes that are having fun playing music together.  If people like it, that’s rad too!

NUG: I noticed that Space Nature was nominated for this year’s San Diego Music Awards for Best Hard Rock Album; tell us how it feels to be nominated for such a prestigious award?

SN: It is a big honor, and came as a bigger surprise to us. We have not been playing for very long, so it’s pretty cool to be put in the same category as some San Diego heavy hitters.

NUG: Give any shout outs to your supporters and friends that you want to thank!

SN: We would like to give a shout out to our families, Nasty Boy, Christan Trzcinski, Drew McGill for the photography, Ringo Dog, and all of our neighbors for putting up with the noise.  All those not mentioned, you know who you are….

Space Nature is:

Matthew Meyers (vocals)
Taylor Charter (guitar)
Tyler Daughn (guitar)
Zack Oakley (drums)
Tommy Pockets (bass)

Make sure you check them out at Also don’t forget to get tickets for the San Diego Music Awards at There will be some GREAT bands performing and all the proceeds go to get instruments in the hands of students in San Diego! We will see you at the awards Sunday September 12th!

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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