Stick Figure Show

By: sandieganliz

On Friday night, January 7th, Stick Figure played at the 710 Beach Club in Pacific Beach. A last-minute band called Short On Rent, and Fayuca from Phoenix, Arizona, opened for them. I caught the end of Short On Rent’s punk-rock performance. The members appeared young. I heard they were called upon last minute to fill in and that they were around 18 years old. Fayuca came on stage next, starting with some strong sounds. They ended up being more rock/punk/ska while some of their riffs during instrumental solos gave a kind of reggae influence.  For the most part, this band rocks out! The first two songs really drew in the crowd. The singer was really charismatic, but the bass-lines stood out the most. The band seemed to lose steam during the middle of their performance, but they picked it back up with songs that sounded similar to the first two, which I would describe as more emo/punk/rock. Overall, this band was entertaining, but it needs a more adhesive set if they’re trying to stick to a punk/ska/reggae sound.

Stick Figure had a long sound check that drew in the crowd. They started out slow, singing songs from the Reprise album; but once the band got in the groove, the whole crowd did too, especially after the song “We Get High”. So far, this is their best song performed live! The band jams the sh*t out of this song, and it is truly amazing to hear! Kevin Bong (keyboards) does a great job of pumping up the crowd, and Scott Woodruff, the man behind all of the music, doesn’t address the crowd enough. However, the one time I saw him do so, he got amazing feedback from the audience; they love him! “White Fire” is my next favorite live song because not only is it a great song lyrically, but the band plays it with great energy! “Smoke Stack”, “Hawaii”, and “Burnin’ Ocean” were other great live songs as well.

Overall, Stick Figure is growing positively into their live performances. Since they have a huge fan base, I hope their plan to recruit new band members happens fast, so we can expect more performances soon.

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