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Music with no stems or seeds, cultivated monthly

By: Goldi Schiffner

Humble, hard working and gritty lyricists embody the music coming from San Diego artists, Stoned Red Addicts. The name states it all; they are stoned red addicts. But the meaning of their music and goals go far past simplicity into a complicated cannabis extreme. Stoned Red Addicts are Izic, Big Pitt and R.L. hailing from Clairemont, a community in San Diego. In 2010 the group decided to do something different, they put their careers on the line and promised to release a new project each month for free on their website

Each of these gentlemen has his own unique personality, but the mix balances out the sound and creates a stage presence of supernatural energy. As part of the crowd at the last Stoned Red Addicts show, you could see everyone get out of their seats and really feel the music. The crowd was captivated with a ceremonial lighting of a cannabis filled swisher on stage.

Stoned Red Addicts combine hip hop beats with hard hitting lyrics, comedy and great rhythm. The group has made notable strides since they were established as E.R.A in 2006. “When we were E.R.A, our sound wasn’t as developed as it is today and we weren’t as experienced. When we became more developed and sounded better, we decided the only thing that needed to change was the name, so we came up with Stoned Red Addicts.” explains Izic.

As 2010 stands to be a landmark year for Stoned Red Addicts, we caught up with Izic, R.L. and Big Pitt after their “420 friendly” photo shoot at a studio in Mira Mesa.

We’re going to dive right into the criticism you have faced as a group in your quest to create “420 friendly” party music. What keeps you going?

Izic: Our drive, we don’t stop. We bring something else to the table and we have a lot to share with the people. We relate a lot to our fans and that is what keeps us going.

R.L.: I listen to a lot of music; I am influenced by rappers such as Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg because they are stoner friendly. That is what motivates me to go out there and let everyone know that I’m smoking, and I rap about it because I like to do it.

In making a new project each month there are a lot of creative processes to go through, how does it all start?

Big Pitt: I’m Big Pitt AKA the Weed King. I am pretty much the producer of the group, I make the beats. Once the group can hear how the sound goes, the drum or piano, then they can dig it. Since we are natural about our flows, we just come up with something hard based off the music.

Izic: We each have our own unique music creativeness. For example, Big Pitt is the main producer as far as making tracks, R.L. is the second most knowledgeable when it comes to producing. Their sounds are really distinguished. I can’t physically lay something down on a track, but I can think it and go to Pitt and tell him ‘this is my vision, this is the way I want the sound, and he brings it to life. I personally bring an ear for catchy hooks.

On 4/20, Stoned Red Addicts, the self titled debut album was released. What can people expect to hear?

R.L.: People who knew us back in 2007 will notice a big change they will appreciate and hopefully like. I don’t want to boast myself, but I feel we’re talented and we do our thing.

Izic: This is our first album as Stoned Red Addicts, everything is original. All our own beats and lyrics. It just goes to show you who we are as a group and that we come from originality. The album is a good vibe, good music – party feel, so a lot of people can relate. We’re at a time where people don’t want to hear about the news and the recession. We try to cheer people up and share how we live every day. Happiness, drinking, smoking, having sex and that’s it.

Why are you tasking yourself with the enormous undertaking of putting out a new project each month of 2010? Admittedly, you are not getting paid for the upcoming projects and all the music is free.

Izic: Because we strive to be original and the best, to be bigger and better than anyone else. So, I could be wrong, but according to what I know, nobody has ever come out with a project every month free for a whole year, rocker or rapper. We want to be the first to do it, and we’re not on a crazy budget for it! We do everything our way, and in house. And we want to show people how we can keep making music, and good music at that.

The energy at the last Stoned Red Addicts show we saw was amazing. What makes you guys so powerful live?

Izic: Energy plays a big key, and our sound. We don’t just settle for any sound, we specifically mix every live track and set list so it’s made for live. We don’t rap over our tracks from our CDs. Also, my brother is a mixing engineer so he plays a big part when it comes to mixing and mastering. It’s definitely a blessing to have somebody like that involved.

Big Pitt, you have done most of the production for the projects. Where does your inspiration as a producer come from?

Big Pitt: I have a musical background. I’ve played drums and piano since I was 5, I’ve even been in choir. Recently I’ve been producing using Reason and ProTools. The sound just comes right off the top of the brain. I’ll get a piano track and lay a little tune down, if I like it I’ll get another track, then a bass and see how it works. Sometimes it all flows together and I didn’t know I was going to make what I did. A little Mary Jane, she helps out now and then.

Izic you released your debut album as a solo artist, Inauguration, in March which we read was in production for over two years. How have your fans been reacting?

Izic: Really great. Someone was telling me that they like our music as a group but also enjoy my solo work because my solo stuff sounds different than the group because I have a dark past and I’m not mentally all there in the head. Certain crazy thoughts the group cannot relate to. I don’t expect them to, it’s crazy stuff.  It’s for people who like darker, problems at home kind of music. People tend to flock to that just to relate. The music is definitely something that you can feel.  It’s like the best of both worlds; you’re pissed off listen to my solo music, or be happy and listen to the group stuff.  One thing that I have a lot of experience in is relationships. Whether it is good or bad, a lot of people have been through it and can relate. I look forward to doing more solo projects.

R.L. we understand that you have an upcoming mix tape you’re putting together, can you tell us more about that?

R.L.: It is official! I am doing a mix tape coming out on my birthday, May 12,  a Tuesday, which is perfect. This is my first project and I can’t wait to release it because everyone is wondering ‘What is R.L. going to say; what kind of beats will be featured?’ It’s going to be great because after the Stoned Red Addicts album is complete, I’ll be in the booth finishing it up. I’m calling it The Dark Knight mix tape because I am the dark night. Look out for R.L. May 12th!

What, as a group, are you most looking forward to in 2010, or would like to accomplish?

Izic: Hopefully finishing the year strong and making these projects. Making the music every month takes a toll on you, and it’s a drag sometimes. Just finishing as strongly as we started and making good material. We hope to keep winning the music festivals and doing these shows. Naturally, we want to see where the year takes us; we’re just waiting for it to unfold.

So I have to ask, out of the group, who is the biggest stoner?

R.L.: He [Big Pitt] is the Michael Jordan of marijuana smoking.

Izic: We all know not only is he the biggest stoner in the group, but he’s the biggest stoner you’ll ever meet. If you don’t believe me, if you think you’re the biggest stoner, we challenge you to a weed Olympics with Big Pitt. He is smoking a half ounce blunt as we speak, enough said!

Big Pitt: The only man to smoke so much weed and walk this land of earth. If Snoop Dogg hears this, tell him to just stop. Because I’m here.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Big Pitt: Our job in the music industry is to touch boundaries that no one has ever touched before, and no one is going to stop us because we are the Stoned Red Addicts.

R.L.: As I close out, I just want to let the whole world know that we’re going to blow up and it’s going to be such a majestic wonderful ride. Look out world!

Izic: Seriously, we are striving to do things no one has ever done before, we know people have said that before. We really mean it. Starting with one project every month for a whole year! Most people wouldn’t attempt that because they know it is very hard to do. We will not quit. After this, our goal is to do a 50 state tour, a show in at least one city in every state. I know nobody has ever done that in one tour before. We have a list of things.

The promise for a fresh project from the Stoned Red Addicts each month of 2010 is set in stone. If the cannabis culture of music is looking for a fresh face, they have certainly met the perfect match. After sitting with the Stoned Red Addicts, their rising fame could be compared to the sparking of a fresh joint – pure happiness for everyone involved.

In 2010 alone, Stoned Red Addicts have released The Hot Box Vol. 1 and The Hot Box Vol. 2 for January and February. In March, Izic’s long awaited solo debut album Inauguration was released. Finally, in April Stoned Red Addicts, the self titled album, debuted. As for the album, a few reasons why you should check it out, “too much cannabis,” Izic explains, R.L. adds “fire.” And Big Pitt, a man of an apparent few words cements the statement “something they have never heard before.”

No matter your musical tastes, you can find a Stoned Red Addicts song and album perfect for the mood. My personal favorite is “California Soul” from The Hot Box Vol. 1 because it’s ideal for those mellow Saturday afternoons heading to the beach.

In a city with such a rich local music scene, it’s worth the time to learn more about the sounds being cultivated around you. After contributing just eight minutes of your time to local music and downloading Stoned Red Addicts projects free on their website, you may be exposed to a new genre of stoner music. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find a free CD you can look forward to each month debuting on

Stoned Red Addicts Free Downloads/Calendar @
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bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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