Sublime w/ Rome Interview

By. Hashley

PHOTO: (L to R) Rome Ramirez, Eric Wilson, Bud Gaugh,
Photo Credit: Jason Rodriguez & Joe Foster

Sublime’s lyrics are universal. People from all walks of life can listen to a few of their songs and directly relate while others can simply enjoy the unique fusion of punk, reggae, and hip-hop. Either way, Sublime will never die! Sublime with Rome (as they are now dubbed) is giving everyone an opportunity to experience a live Sublime show and another way to remember Brad.

I’m honored to be able to interview you guys…I am a HUGE fan.  In fact, I have ‘sublime’ tattooed across my chest…

What is it like performing Sublime’s songs?
Rome: It’s a dream come true. They’re my favorite songs and I get to sing them with two of the most awesome dudes alive. I’m very grateful.

How do you feel about stepping into Brad’s spot?
Rome: I don’t feel like I’m stepping into his spot because in a weird way, it feels like he’s right there with us. The guys would agree.

What’s your favorite spot that you guys have played at so far?
Rome: Shit man, my favorite show was probably in Manchester. Everything was intense!

Do you guys have a specific song writing process?

Rome: We just jam. It’s very organic like the original band. Everyone has strong ideas and great contributions.

Are there any other bands or singers you guys want to work with?
Rome: The Black Keys, Mad Scientist, Damien Marley, Jay-Z, No Doubt and KRS-One.

What does the future look like for you?
Rome: So bright, so big, and so positive!

As you know, we’re a cannabis publication, so we have to ask some cannabis-related questions. What are your views on cannabis?
Rome: Cannabis is a huge part of my life artistically and culturally.

Any thoughts on the loss of Prop. 19 here in California?
Rome: I’m not sure if it was the proper package of deliverance for such a huge decision. For a first draft, it was decent, but good things take time regardless of how long it takes. Right now, if I get popped with a sack on me, I pay $100. That’s ok with me, but what do I know? I ain’t no politician, I’m in a fuckin’ punk-rock band!

So your San Diego show was recently cancelled due to schedule conflicts…when can we expect to catch a live show back here in our fine city?
Rome: Honestly, hopefully real damn soon. San Diego was my first love and I’ve lived everywhere in it. Shit, it’s where I discovered Sublime. I love San Diego!

Thanks for your time! Any shout outs or plugs you want to let our readers know about?
Rome: Thank you NUG for your time and connecting the people with art, cannabis and culture. To all our fans, thank you for the support. We love every single one of you! Expect a banging record next summer!

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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