Subliminal Trip

By. Ben G. Rowin

I first heard of Subliminal Trip when they were booked at the Spring 420 Cannabis Cup fundraiser sponsored by Southern Lites Collective, The Kind Cookery and NUG Magazine in April. A great time was had by all in attendance. “Mother’s Finest OG” took home the Cup for best strain, followed up by “Afgoo” and “D-Cup.”

Also on the bill that night was another band we love, and covered a few issues ago, Without Papers.
Subliminal Trip killed it that night! All I heard from the NUG magazine rep in attendance was about how good Subliminal Trip was live. So I decided to give them a listen. To say they are tight is an understatement, these gentlemen are playing reggae/dub/rock with that Southern Cali feel that we at NUG enjoy so much.

Playing shows all over San Diego, these cats are staying busy and have signed on to play the August 22nd, Summer Cannabis Cup, again put on by Southern Lites Collective and Kind Cookery. Without Papers and more will be providing the tunes. Stay tuned to and for ticket information.

Subliminal Trip is a San Diego based reggae band formed in 2008. Founding members Jason Becker (J-bird) and Joel Brust started off playing acoustic guitars and smokin herb in the back of a pickup truck. J-bird, who sings lead vocals, had by this time already built up a small following of loyal fans and the two performed as an acoustic duo for the first six months. Realizing that options were limited with only two acoustic guitars, Brust recruited Ocean Beach musicians Garrison Cyr and Colin Holz. Cyr joined as the bassist and Holz as the drummer. The foursome have been playing the San Diego scene for a year now and expanding into other cities. In March of this year, the band released their first six song demo, which has been a huge success. The band is currently working on new tracks in the studio and looking forward to a busy summer schedule.

If you can’t wait till August to go out and see Subliminal Trip, their upcoming shows are always listed on their website

NUG Magazine had the pleasure of reaching out to the band to get some information for our readers:

NUG: Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedules to answer some questions for the NUG readers. Have you guys been checking out the book?

ST:  All the time. Colin: They’re always outside my favorite dispensary, Greenlight in OB. (J-bird) “cough cough” Jah-it’s the bomb.

NUG: So Myles, one of our sales reps, was super stoked on the live show at the Cannabis Cup in April, thanks for coming out to support the cannabis community. How did you guys like the event?

ST: It was the best event for us all hands down, especially because we were able to help out kids! They are our future! Can’t wait for this next Summer Cup coming up! J-bird: We all got very irie, and as a matter of fact everything there got us irie, definitely good vibes! Joel: The bartender had big hooters. Colin: It’s cutting edge for San Diego, the times are changing and I’m glad to be apart of it. Our generation should definitely show support! Gary: The staff was great and the food was great.

NUG: How many of you are San Diego locals? Are any of you MMJ patients?

ST: We are all San Diego natives. As a matter of fact, Colin and Gary grew up in Ocean beach. Joel grew up in Clairemont, and J-bird grew up in a basement in Escondido. Both Colin and J-bird are current medical marijuana patients under Prop. 215.

NUG: What are some of your favorite strains?

ST: Gary: Silver Haze. Colin: Diesel. Joel: Purple Kush. (J-bird) “coughs a lot” Jah pearl from MMSC.

NUG: Any favorite collectives that you guys dig?

ST: Southern Lites Collective definitely has the selection we always love. Also, for North County we go with MMSC. And for OB Greenlight Collective definitely!!

NUG: Thanks guys again, and feel free to give some shout outs!

ST: Well first off we wanna thank the fans and NUG magazine for our opportunity to tell the world! Cap’n Slappin Sam, Luke (AboveGround Records), Reason to Rebel, Mean Dinosaur,  Jason down at Southern Lites Collective, Drew @ Dreamstreet, Evan @ 4130, GB Industries, Jason @ Rosie O Grady’s, Greenlight Collective, MMSC, The Kind Cookery, Rolf Becker, Defamation League, The Wedo, Dana and AJ Barton, Billy for all the smokeouts, all the family and friends of Subliminal Trip, FreeBass Audio, Gilbert Moran and Big Ray Perreauop (security), You, and last but not least Dustin Becker our dedicated manager who strives night and day for the success of Subliminal Trip.

Enough funds were donated to sponsor three autistic children in a wonderful program which acquaints them with the ocean and teaches them to surf. This organization donates time and love to special children of San Diego.

Many great prizes were donated for raffles:

Thor of Mother Earth donated one of his famous Beach Cruiser Bikes.

Kim of Mother Earth donated some wonderful baskets full of tinctures, goodies, lotions,
her popular Cookbook and more.

NUG Mag donated Nug Jars, T-shirts and more.

Burley Brothers donated a beautiful natural wood & Hemp lamp.

Vote for Subliminal Trip at

One of the only bands from San Diego out of 300 to make the final 5!
Help put Subliminal Trip on the MAP and vote now!

bringing you that fire!

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