Sunny Rude, Lionize, and The Supervillains

How’d The Show Go?
By: sandieganliz

On Thursday, March 10th, Sunny Rude from San Diego, Lionize and The Supervillains from the East Coast played at Winston’s in Ocean Beach. Lionize was supporting The Supervillains as they played the West Coast and then went on to play in the South before hitting their home in Florida.

Sunny Rude plays reggae/rock. Of course, the first thing I noticed about this band is that they’re whimsical performers. The bass player was swaying to the music like he knew it would make the crowd move. I can’t blame him because the music was really good and made people dance. There is something charming about the singer sporting his green ninja turtle t-shirt, which also drew in the ladies. Standout songs included “California” and “Sunshine.”

Lionize is a rock band from Maryland. Their music has a 70s style with a sound similar to that of Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix. Nate Bergman does a really good job with the vocals, giving a high performance that got the crowd’s attention. However, what got the band great feedback were their solos. This band just went off on the electric guitar and the drums. The most memorable part of their performance was when they played a song called “Two Lives,” went into a banging drum solo, and then proceeded to cover the song “I and I Survive,” which also included a guitar solo. It was literally a 20 minute jam that rocked the joint!

The Supervillains closed the night. The first thing they yelled out was “tsunami!” Unfortunately, that night was when the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, and there was a warning for the California coast. Still, the band rocked on. They did a good job addressing the crowd by making jokes and talking about drinking alcohol, especially of their sponsor Jagermeister. Their music is more southern ska/rock/punk. The saxophone brings a nice twist and I caught some skanking reggae riffs too.

Overall, this was a great show. The crowd wasn’t too big to start with, which was too bad because the combination of these bands should have not been missed! Even so, I witnessed individuals giving great feedback to the bands after their performance, especially toward Lionize. All the bands rocked it and complemented each other well. Until next time, East Coast rockers, stay tsunami warning free!

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