Portland Shop Openly Selling Psychedelic Mushrooms

Herb shops in Portland openly sell psilocybin mushrooms, with people lining up for over two hours to get their hands on a variety of psychedelic fungi, including Penis Envy and…

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Canadian University Granted License To Study Psilocybin Mushrooms

Dr. Max Jones and Dr. Gale Bozzo, two professors at UG’s Ontario Agricultural College (Department of Plant Agriculture), October 25thThis license permits the cultivation of psilocybin mushrooms and was one…

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Mother, Son Survive Brush With ‘Death Cap’ Mushrooms Thanks to Experimental New Drug

according to UMass Kai Cheng, 27, of Memorial Medical Center and his mother, Kam Luk, 63, were poisoned by eating a mushroom known as “death cap” that they found growing…

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