Cal NORML Warns of Potential THC-O Acetate Risk

new data It points to a potential problem with vaping THC-O acetate, and the reasons are cause for concern. Cal NORML, California’s National Marijuana Law Reform Organization (NORML) chapter, issued…

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GOP Group Warns Weed Legalization Leads to ‘Violent Crime’ and ‘Suicide’

The Republican Research Committee (RSC) — a group of 156 Republican House members — announced family policy agenda It outlines 14 family-focused principles, including Dangers of Drugs, a section on…

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Rainbow Fentanyl Scourge is Targeting ‘Kids and Young Adults,’ DEA Warns

Brightly colored fentanyl compressed into pills or chalks, called rainbow fentanyl, is found in 18 states. press release The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) warns that drug dealers are prematurely hooking…

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