U.S. Secret Service Investigating Cocaine Reportedly Found in White House

The White House is trying to give the name a new meaning. A preliminary field test reportedly tested positive for cocaine in a white substance found at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.…

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White Supremacist Says MDMA Drove Him Away From Extremist Beliefs

Academic research on psychedelics is still fairly limited. Although our understanding of the likes of MDMA and psilocybin has expanded in recent years, scholars still struggle to sort of recapture…

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California Cannabis Industry Association White Paper Discusses Dangers of Unregulated Hemp Products

California Cannabis Industry Association white paper Address the cannabinoid market situation. Whitepaper “Pandora’s Box: The Dangers of the Unregulated Hemp-Derived Intoxicating Cannabinoid Market,” Featuring Principal Author Tiffany Devitt and Other…

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