Tape Deck Mountain

How’d The Show Go? 
By: sandieganliz

On Friday, April 15, 2011, an indie rock band called Tape Deck Mountain played at the Soda Bar in North Park. This 3-piece band has a psychedelic rock sound. –The drummer was also playing keys too, which made this band fun to watch.

I arrived at 9:30 p.m. at the bar, which is a very nice venue by the way. Large booths and a separate area to watch the band makes this a suitable venue for local bands. There is also a pool table to the side of the stage, which allowed the people playing to watch the performance as well.

With red lights shining on them, the band started playing close to 10:30. They played their psychedelic sound with bass, guitar and keys, and went into adding drums and vocals. Then, they went back to instrumentals and pretty much kept switching it up like that for their entire session. Their music also carries an emo sound with lyrics speaking of life and relationships. I definitely enjoyed when they rocked out on the instrumentals because even though the lyrics got emo, the rock music woke me up! They literally jammed out their instrumentals like a rock star band, but then brought me back down to earth with other songs.

Overall, I would definitely check out this band again, as they remind me of other local, progressive rock bands I have recently heard. I wish I would have gotten a CD from them since I enjoyed them that much. Fellas, send your CD to the magazine, we love indie rock bands!

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