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April 20 – May 20
Lucky Numbers 3, 12, 24, 32, 36, 44

This sign starts off with our favorite day of the year! 420 is celebrated by our culture of smokers all over the world. No wonder our Taurus friends just can’t help themselves.  Followed closely by Earth Day, our grounded zodiac sign has a party all month long. Never wanting it to end, our Taurus is always up for the traditional Easter Dinner with family and friends. Just when our Taurus thought the month was winding down and he could kick back for awhile, up pops Mother’s Day to keep the party going.

The Taurus Female
The Taurus female is a radiant sign that attracts relationships. As she is ruled by the planet Venus, this gives her the appreciation of beauty and a great sense of style. The attractive Taurus woman dresses well. She knows how to buy within a budget and gets the most out of what she spends.  The Taurus female knows how to make a living. She has a strong business sense. She is practical and worldly. She has the kind of strength, courage and stamina that will take her anywhere. She is attracted to individuals that follow through on their promises. She is a “show me” kind of girl. Talk without action is meaningless to her.  The Taurus female is quick to spot a fraud; she responds instinctively to sincerity in others. She relies on her emotions. In a relationship, weak-willed individuals don’t attract her! She wants someone dependable who will stand by her. Be gentle, reasonable, and generous and she will love you. She is extremely loyal and loving. The Taurus female is the Earth’s Mother! A real 420 kind of gal.  Her garden will expand and flourish. She knows how to enrich what is around her.

The Taurus Male
The Taurus male is a teddy bear with the strength of a tycoon. He is strong, steadfast, sincere and practical in his approach to all of his undertakings. Those who are close to him know they can depend on him in any situation. The Taurus male is organized and has such a fine sense of priorities. He could easily run his own business. Patience is his strength; however, the Taurus man will act swiftly when his livelihood or family is threatened. He is a protector. He appreciates stability. His focus on his career can be nicely balanced with a calm home life. A fairly plump bank account, a fine partner, a hearty meal that he will gladly cook is his idea of life’s meaning! On a date, he will show you a marvelous time. You won’t need to pretend to be someone other than yourself. He is a real man in a real world. He enjoys good food and drinks. The Taurus man can be a great chef in the kitchen. He knows the best recipes and is quite the connoisseur when it comes to whipping up a three course meal of your favorite edible delights. Bon Appetite!

Compatible Signs: Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, Pisces

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