That Real “RUNTZ Your Life Up – strain review

“That Real “RUNTZ Your Life Up”

I’m back and super excited to bring you guys 1 of a 3 part review series I’m dropping on @fidelhydro. It’s always exciting trying out flowers from a grower that I’ve never tried before. All 3 strains came out beautiful honestly from bag appeal to bud size to terpene profile and smoke everything was there. Here I’ll list everything that stood out about each gal and which way they lean.

Terps – Inside the jar, you’re welcomed with this overwhelming earthiness, You can almost taste the medium it’s so prevalent. Alongside the earth, there’s this beautiful creamy profile with sharp fruity Zkittlez terps in the background. Inside the bud, things change over to licorice heavy aromas with that creamy gassy Gelato funk The licorice Terps also translated over to the smoke. Structure and look- Now I’ve had Runtz before but I swear to you they never looked like this. I feel as tho we should call this Runtz 10.0 Bag appeal is at an all-time high with this gal. A heavy coating of trichs with these beautiful blue and purple sugar leaves that really stand out against the sea of Trichs the colors also show up inside the buds. The crossing of the two and his style of growing seem to have brought out an entirely different structure and look that I’ve never seen on Runtz before. He’s definitely dialed this girl into the max that’s obvious. The fact that Gelato 41 isn’t even involved here and she still looks this good and dense is amazing to me.

The High One thing I’m starting to notice with almost all Zkittlez crosses that I’ve had is that the onset of the high takes about 5 minutes there “Creepers” so to say. If anyone has ever noticed this please comment below. Back to business. After about 5 minutes my eyes just sank to the ground accompanied by headiness euphoria and relaxation. Once the high settled in there wasn’t much more movement coming from my limbs I was “Couched” I think I just made up a new term. Def a hybrid that ends Indica as most do. Huge thank you to @fidelhydro @velmasdaydream @flowersbyfidels  @smokeup212.5 @nugmag

Enjoying the finest medicine there is. Enjoy my reviews!

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