The Ambassador

How’d The Show Go?
By: SD Liz

On June 23rd, 2011, The Ambassador and The Chosen Few played at Gallagher’s in Ocean Beach along with one of NUG Magazine’s favorite bands, Bad Neighborz. It was a good night with a growing crowd that was part local, part support. For instance, members of local band, HI Roots, came out to support Kevin Bong, who played keys in The Chosen Few.

Bad Neighborz were playing when I arrived around 9pm. They were playing their reggae/rock music and definitely interacting with the crowd. I found out they got another drummer last minute who turned out to be an old friend of mine! His name is Josh and he was great with Caleb and Jay.

The Ambassador finished the night by playing his own orchestrated reggae music. Stephen G. Lewis is the man, and according to his website, he has been composing lyrics and music since the age of 14.  His reggae music is a mix of styles, including some Latin accents, rock, hip-hop and soul music. I don’t recall the names of songs, which included some off his latest album, “New Roots,” but I do recall his reggae music standing out. It also appeared to grab the audience’s attention – not only due to the classic reggae sound, but to the mix of Latin sounds and soulful lyrics as well. The Ambassador covered songs too, including Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” and Craig David’s “Seven Days.”  Overall, The Ambassador sent his audience home with a mix of melodies for their ears.

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