The Big Book of Buds Volume 4, is out now

Pit Bull was created from a cross between the award winning Sugar plum and the legendary P-91.

By Dion Markgraaff

NUG Magazine takes a look at the expanding cannabis varieties chronicled in Ed Rosenthal’s The Big Book of Buds Vol. 4. When marijuana laws pushed production underground, intensive breeding programs flourished, making cannabis one of the most extensively bred plants on the  globe. The Big Book of Buds series is a one-of-kind guide to the highs, smells, tastes and cultivation preferences of hundreds of marijuana strains. Buds 4 showcases some of the best new strains and the revival of some lost favorites.
From the Guru of Ganja himself, Ed Rosenthal, this book is a high quality documentation of what is happening with different types of cannabis plants today.

Ed’s new work makes an informative and eye-catching coffee table book. This collection of years of labor and travel, details information for the connoisseur, yet has simple, beautiful pictures that everyone can appreciate. It covers 86 new strains and has quick reference icons that provide immediate visual comparisons so you can find exactly what you want to grow or smoke.

The varieties are broken down into different sensory qualities. If you like a soaring and cerebral high, check out Green House Thai or Titan’s Haze. Prefer a body stone or full-on couchlock? Read about Herijuana or Easy Rider.  An index in the back lists the strains by cultivation style so a grower can easily find the varieties they want.

Vortex by TGA Seeds was the winner of the 2010 High Times Medicinal Cup

This book also gives a glimpse inside Oaksterdam University, the United State’s first cannabis career college, where Ed is one of the most esteemed professors. It shows the renaissance of cannabis culture in mainstream media, cultivation techniques from leaders in the industry, and homage to the late Hemperor, Jack Herer. The fourth edition of the The Big Book of Buds series adds to what are certainly the best resource books for cannabis varieties available today.

The Big Book of Buds Vol. 4 features 86 new varieties from over 20 different seed companies. It is now available at select bookstores and at:

Photos provided courtesy of Ed Rosenthal’s The Big Book of Buds Vol. 4

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