The Chronisseur 10 of 420

Purple Bubba Kush: (Fresh Selection)

“This bud looks simply stellar, like it was rolled in sugar. The trichomes are glistening and it has beautiful purpling. Someone knew what they were doing when they grew this one. Judging by the appearance and aroma, it seems to be a Pre-98 Bubba Kush, but still grown really well. Has a very Bubba Kush-like aroma. Great flavor. I really like this one. Nice expansion. Got a nice cough, but it wasn’t harsh. Obviously, this crop was flushed well, and I can’t stress enough how important that is. The Purple Bubba Kush is an overall winner. Has a head and body high. I would recommend this strain for a variety of ailments: pain, sleep aid, anxiety, etc.”

Herojuana: (Green Crop Co-op)

“This is a beautiful nug. It looks like a tiny Christmas tree – ‘tis the season! It has nice red hairs that balance the light green, trichome covered bud. I am excited to sample this one. Its aroma is very similar to an OG. Epic flavor, really coats the tongue. It has an earthy-hashy taste. Heavy expansion complete with a full dome-run. Not harsh though. This grower should be really proud! The Herojuana’s heavy indica high will definitely keep you in your seat. I would recommend it to patients living with moderate to severe pain, or for those who need a powerful sleep aid. Do not operate heavy machinery!”

The Spade: (Fresh Selection)

“I have never heard of this strain, but it reminds me of the Jack Herer or a Jack cross. It’s a rock solid, little nugget with lots of red hairs with very little yellowing on the outer leaves, maybe due to high temperature, but there are many other causes of yellowing. Has nice, shiny trichomes and an earthy, pine aroma. Curious how this one is going to taste…It is similar to the Jack Herer, but a bit on the harsh side. It did pack an expansive hit, but could have been flushed better. This would be a good daytime strain.”

Diamond Purple Kush: (So Cal AMC)

“Looks exquisite…Absolutely beautiful! Honestly, this is one of the better looking buds I’ve seen in a long time. Although I don’t see much purpling, it’s still an amazing looking nug. It has the perfect amount of red hairs and it absolutely sparkles. As far as the smell, it’s not too pungent, but very sweet. Has a very slight Kush aroma. Well, it’s not the flavor I expected. It’s tart and a little bit spicy. Coated the tongue and had a hashy quality. It was pleasant and surprising. I enjoyed this one. Has a very euphoric high that I can feel from my head all the way down through my arms. The Purple Diamond Kush was grown beautifully. She’s a looker for sure!”

As Hopper and I were sampling and talking about trichomes, red hairs, the importance of flushing and such, he also told me about the things that really mattered to him. Things like The Green Door Collective’s Annual Toys for Tots Toy Drive, which was a HUGE success again this year thanks to the generosity of patients, staff, and volunteers; and the GDC’s partnership with the San Diego Food Bank, and how because of the overwhelming need in our community, he will likely make the food drive a year-round effort. “There are too many people who will still be hungry on December 26th,” he says. “The need is not going away; it’s getting larger by the day.” On the subject of giving back to the community, Hopper was excited to tell me about the things he has planned for 2011. Truth be told, I am excited for him and we both agree that we hope all collectives in San Diego will follow suit.

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