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Between organizing the First Annual San Diego Food Fight and implementing some exciting new changes at The Green Door Collective, it has been quite a hectic month for Hopper. Of course, he had no problem clearing his schedule to make time to fulfill his duties as our resident Chronisseur. Let the sampling begin…

Dream Queen: (Soothing Solutions Wellness Center) 585-507-6795
“This is a textbook example of what a bud should look like. When you look at it in the light, you can see all of its shiny little trichomes. It has excellent coloring and the perfect amount of orange hairs to compliment the trichomes. It has a sweet, mouth-watering aroma. Now onto the hit; it has a nice, sweet, hashy flavor. A lot of expansion – that was a really good hit! It gave me a cough, but not due to harshness. It packed a great punch. It was obviously well-flushed. The Dream Queen is an overall winner. Great job!

THC Blue: (The Holistic Café)
“This nug has a deep, rich green color with some trichomes peeking through and nice red hairs. I really like the aroma of this one. It’s very sweet and berry-like. Can’t wait to sample it! The taste of the THC Blue is definitely on the sweeter side of the flavor spectrum and has a really enjoyable hint of Blueberry. I expected more expansion, but I did get a pretty good cough from the second hit, which was almost immediately followed by a cerebral high. This strain would be beneficial for a variety of different patients and ailments.”

The Green Lights: (The Holistic Café)
“This is a nice tight little spear of a nug. It has great coloring – the lighter shade of green along with all of the trichomes gives it a white, glowing appearance. There are also a few little orange hairs peeking through. Its aroma is not very strong, but it is very unique. –A slight hint of Bubblegum mixed with a piney scent. I’m very interested to find out how this one tastes…There is most definitely no lack of expansion in this one! I expected a piney flavor, but it had more of a hashy taste that really stuck to the tongue. Though it wasn’t quite what I expected, I really did enjoy sampling this one because it was very unique, in a good way! The Green Lights would make a great daytime strain for patients with a higher tolerance. It offers an uplifting high and almost instant relaxation.”

As we finished the final session, Hopper made me promise to remind NUG readers that his latest pet project, The First Annual San Diego Food Fight, began on February 14th and is now in full swing. So consider yourself reminded, and be sure to drop off canned goods and other non-perishable food items at a participating collective no later than March 14th. The winning collective will be announced after the San Diego Food Bank has picked up and weighed all of the donations. Hopper also let me in on a little secret. –The winds of change are blowing through the GDC. Adding new members to the board of directors has freed up his time to do more community projects and, most importantly, spend more one-on-one time with the patients of The Green Door Collective. He has also decided to accept a few new patients, so if you’re interested in becoming a member, email Hopper at to schedule an appointment.

*To respect the privacy of current members, GDC staff cannot accept walk-in interview appointments.

Story by: Pamela Jayne
Photos and Nug Shots by: Phil Calvin for SCR Photos

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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