The Chronisseur 13 of 420

This month marks the 13th installment of The Chronisseur, but there is absolutely nothing unlucky about it. Just as Hopper was opening this month’s bag of goodies and noticed that there were only two strains to be reviewed, a buddy from the Slightly Stoopid crew stopped by and threw in a third flavor. Needless to say, Hopper was happy to review this strain called Wet Dream, which has been circulating among the higher circles of San Diego’s stoner society for a while now. He was even happier for the opportunity to tell NUG readers all about it. So along with the Wet Dream, we have G-8 OG Kush and The OG this month. Here we go…

The OG: (Suburban Farms)
“This nug has beautiful coloring. It is green with the perfect amount of red hairs. The one thing I notice when I pull it apart is that it seems to have what I call ‘Bud Sap’ – when there are so many trichomes that it literally looks like sap. Nice and sticky…So sticky, it literally stuck to the wall! The OG has a pungent OG aroma. My mouth is already watering; I can’t wait to try this one. Excellent flavor! It really sticks to the tongue; the flavor keeps lingering. I love that old school OG flavor. There was plenty of expansion in the hit. It choked me out a bit, but it was a smooth expansion. Gave me an almost instant head change. I would recommend The OG as a nighttime relaxant. Patients who cannot medicate during the day would greatly benefit from the good night of sleep that this particular strain provides. There are a lot of OG’s around these days. This one actually lives up to its name. To the grower I say, ‘nicely done!’ This bud is simply stellar.”

G-8 OG Kush: (The American Treatment Advancement Cooperative)
“This is a gnarly little spear of a nug! It is a very nice looking bud. It has darker coloring with a darker shade of red hairs. They almost look burgundy, very unique. The aroma is not quite that of a straight up OG. In my opinion, the G-8 OG is more like a Platinum OG. Even the way it looks reminds me of platinum. I taste a lot of sage in the hit, but the Kush also comes through. The hit was not all that strong, but it did pack a decent punch. It gave me a moderate head and body high. Best of both worlds!

Wet Dream by Closer to the Sun
“Impressive coloring; it’s a nice lime green with thick orange hairs. It looks like a really beautiful Blue Dream, which makes sense because it is a Blue Dream/OB Haze cross. I love how its smell is classically piney with its own unique quality at the same time. It really tickles the nose. I have always loved the smell of the Blue Dream, but the unique aroma of this strain has to be due to the OB Haze. I can’t get enough of it! It tastes like a very piney version of Blue Dream. This strain offers an energetic, cerebral high, but also has a relaxing, soothing effect. It’s pretty much perfect. Whether you want to hit the surf or just couch surf, the Wet Dream will not fail you. Green thumbs up to the local growers! It is good to know high people in places.

Sweet home San Diego. From OB to Little Italy, North Park to Carmel Valley, San Diego has many things to boast about. Perfect weather, laidback lifestyle, and of course, the best medical cannabis the Golden State has to offer. As one patient recently said, “I came here for the weather. I stayed for the weed.”

As we go to print, the First Annual San Diego Food Fight is still in full swing. Hopper wants to thank all of the collectives who participated, especially the patients who took money out of their own pockets to purchase and donate food to the San Diego Food Bank. “It’s amazing what we can do when we stick together,” Hopper said. “I am pleasantly surprised to see how generous people are. These are tough times for everyone and patients are still happy to give whatever they are able to. I’ll definitely be planning more events like this in the future.”

Story By: Pamela Jayne | Photo and Nug Shots: MK Jack

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