The Chronisseur 14 of 420

For the first time in 14 months, a bittersweet air clouded the ordinarily light-hearted atmosphere of the Chronisseur session. It was not because of the strains or the company; both are among the best San Diego has to offer. It was the bitter disappointment over the recent city council ruling that cast a dark shadow over what would have otherwise been an enjoyable afternoon. However, as cliché as it may sound…the show must go on.

Puna Buddah: (GSC Wellness)
“This is a tight bud with leaves of a darker shade of green. It is a bit on the brittle side, but that could be because of packaging. Thick, curly orange hairs and a dusting of silvery trichomes make it quite the looker! When I broke it open, it had a really nice aroma that reminded me of Big Island Skunk. Nice exhale: I expected it to be harsh, but it was very smooth. Very tasty flavor: sweet and earthy. Peaceful high that eventually settled into my head and shoulders. Reminds me of the chill vibe on the Big Island. Mahalo to the grower!”

NC Fire OG: (Connoisseurs Club)
“Beautiful in appearance. Lots of red hairs that peek out through the green leaves. Its aroma is well-balanced with a somewhat sweet hint and an earthy undertone. The hit was smooth and enjoyable. It gave me a mild head high with minimal lung expansion. This strain would be perfect for a patient who is new to medical cannabis, and I don’t mean that in a negative way. As a community of growers, we need to realize that our purpose is aiding those in need – not bragging about having the most potent bud in town.”

Burkle (Pre-98 Bubba x GDP): (Connoisseurs Club)
“The Pre-98 traits in this bud are very obvious. It is stunning in appearance and very dense. It is hard as a rock, no kidding! It was precisely manicured and has the perfect proportion of red hairs, and is also covered in shiny trichomes. The aroma is pleasant and unique, although I don’t notice the GDP or Pre-98 smell. Packs a flavorful hit that has a nutty and musky taste to it. I would recommend this strain to a patient who suffers from moderate to severe pain or chronic insomnia. Overall, I dig it!”

As the afternoon progressed and the mood began to lighten, the topic of conversation moved from frustration at the state of politics in San Diego to the good works and charity given to our city by participating collectives. The 1st Annual San Diego Food Fight that Hopper founded and organized raised 1,000 pounds of food for the San Diego Food Bank. Hopper also told me about a new organization he is a member of called the Patient Care Association of California. With nearly 50 collective operators and still growing, their aim is to raise the professional standards of the industry while fighting for patients’ rights to safe access.

Story by: Pamela Jayne | All photos by: Phil Calvin for SCR Photos

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