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Sweet home San Diego. No one loves this city more than Hopper, and he was stoked to find out that his friends of nearly 20 years would be on the cover of this month’s issue…An issue filled with some of San Diego’s best medical cannabis, reviewed by San Diego’s most notorious collective operator/philanthropist, and San Diego’s very own Sprung Monkey. It’s no wonder we’re known as America’s finest city. Let’s begin now…

Purple x Lavender:
(Trichome Healing Collective)
“Very nice purpling on this dense bud. Nug is super tight. The trichomes really accent the purple. This one kind of smells like grandma’s perfume, but not in a bad way. Although the aroma is perfumy, the taste is more floral. Great taste, great expansion. Overall, this strain is a winner. Very relaxing.”

New York Sour Diesel:
(Sunset Coast Cooperative)
“This little nugget has a nice amount of red hairs peeking through the beautiful green bud; also, just the right amount of trichomes. When I snapped the nug open to break off a piece, the interior had a bright lime green color. The aroma is very much Sour D; it also had that traditional Sour D flavor. Not as much expansion as I would have liked, but it was pretty easy on the lungs and produced a nice cerebral high.”

Skywalker OG Kush:
(Sunset Coast Cooperative)

“A good amount of trichomes and darker green tones with reddish brown hairs make this a nice looking bud. It has that great OG smell with a blueberry overtone due to the Skywalker cross. Aroma is definitely on the sweeter side. Instant expansion in the hit; it gave me an intense cough. Not much of an OG flavor though. Again, I’ll assume that’s because of the Skywalker cross. Overall, this sample was nice. It went straight from the lungs to the head. This strain would be beneficial for a variety of ailments, everything from difficulty sleeping to moderate pain.”

Higher Level OG:
(Higher Level)
“This one is a beauty; a very dense bud that appears to have been expertly cured. Not too brittle, not too soft – it’s just right. It has a true OG aroma. Smells great; I am looking forward to sampling this one. The hit was just as good as I expected it to be. Only a slight cough, but I got a huge grin on this one. Of course, I am a big fan of the OGs and this one did not disappoint. Perfect for a much needed head change after a long day. Hats off to the grower.”

It has been quite a month for the San Diego medical cannabis community, and Hopper’s concern was apparent as we talked about the patients who will be left without safe access if the city council succeeds in implementing the de facto ban on legal, legitimate collectives. His concern quickly morphed into frustration as he told me how all of the time spent dealing with this has kept him from doing what he is most passionate about – helping out fellow San Diegans. “I have always been the one to ask patients to donate a little bit of time and/or money to the San Diego Food Bank, Toys for Tots, etc. Now, I have to put all of that on the back burner and beg for signatures on a referendum to make sure that I am legally allowed to provide a natural, God-given medicine? It’s ridiculous! Yeah, I’m frustrated. Yeah, I’m pissed. But I’m not going to give up. I will never stop doing what I know is right, and no matter what happens, I will always be here for my patients. The city council members don’t see these people on a daily basis, but I do. I know what they are going through physically and emotionally, and I refuse to leave them hanging. It just breaks my heart when they ask, “What I am supposed to do if you have to close?”

Story by: Pamela Jayne | All photos by: Phil Calvin for SCR Photos

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