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Because we had four different OG strains for The Chronisseur to review this month, we started by asking him about the origins of the most famous name in the world of cannabis. “First of all, OG stands for Ocean Grown, not ‘original’ or ‘original gangster’ like a lot of people believe. As far as I know, it came from a Chem Dawg parent and was crossed with an indica sometime in the early ‘90s. That’s the way I understand it, anyway. Because I wasn’t there to see it with my own eyes, I guess all I can really offer is my opinion. One thing I do want to say to patients is to be careful about what you buy, because some people will call anything an OG just to raise the price on it. The thing about an OG is that you know it when you see, smell, and taste it. So if you have any doubt, it’s probably not an OG.” In true Hopper fashion, he grabbed the goodie bag, looked at me and said, “We could talk all day about the different theories of where OG came from, but I’d really rather check out these samples.” – So that’s exactly what we did.

SD OG: (Local grower using Canna Coco)

“This beautiful, dense nug appears to have been grown with near perfection. It is a lighter shade of green on the outside with more of a lime green interior; and it has lots and lots of sparkling trichomes. It has a very pungent, appealing aroma that actually smells like a true OG. I am looking forward to trying this one. The flavor was every bit as good as I expected it to be. It was clearly grown with care and flushed well. Before the flavor even left my tongue, I could feel the high begin to creep into my head and shoulders. It’s very relaxing and soothing. The SD OG would be perfect for a patient in need of nighttime pain management or a stress reliever/sleep aid. Hats off to the grower, you did an excellent job!”

OG Herojuana: (Flowers of Life)

“This is an indica dominant hybrid, and one of the most sought after strains in the medical cannabis community. This is a great looking sample. The nuggets are the ideal shade of green with just the right amount of red hairs, and I noticed it was full of trichomes when I broke it open. It doesn’t exactly smell like a true OG, but that is due to the cross. Don’t get me wrong, the aroma is good – just a little bit on the sweeter side. The hit definitely has a bite to it. It literally made my mouth water. I expected more expansion, but it was still a nice, smooth, great tasting hit. I would consider this to be more of a daytime strain, even though it is indica dominant. Overall, I was extremely happy with this sample.”

Obama OG: (Greenery Caregivers)

“This is a really good-looking bud with both light and dark shades of green and a good amount of orange hairs peeking through. Really beautiful! Its aroma is that of a true OG. It reminds me of the Tahoe OG, in both appearance and aroma. The hit also has that true OG flavor that people love, but it also has just a hint of a hashy taste. This is a strong strain that will put you on the couch for awhile, so I would definitely recommend this for nighttime medicating. It will work great for patients with moderate pain who would also like a sleep aid. Nicely done!”

Louie XIII OG: (Greenery Caregivers)

“This frosty little nugget has lots and lots of beautiful shiny trichomes. A nearly perfect example of an OG. It smells amazing and has a perfect texture. It actually looks very similar to the Obama OG I reviewed. It tastes just as good as it looks and has a nice expansion to it – not harsh at all. It gave me a nice ‘dome-run.’ Anyone who likes the OGs will love the Louie XIII OG.”

After a long, leisurely afternoon of sampling and discussing the four submissions, the room was foggy with OG clouds and smelled heavenly. When we were finished, Hopper said, “It’s sessions like these that make me wish NUG had a scratch and sniff feature, so we could share the goodness with readers.” Yeah, or you could just go try these strains out for yourself. Trust me, you will not be disappointed! Speaking of the finer things, The Chronisseur says he will have some good news to share sometime in the not so distant future. Hint: If you would like to be considered for membership at The GDC, shoot an email over to to schedule an interview. Hopper also pointed out that the photo he chose to use this month is of him and his right-hand man, Jonesy. “I’ll put it this way,” he said. “If you don’t see one of these smiling faces behind the counter, then you’re not at The Green Door Collective.”

Story By: Pamela Jayne
All photos by: Phil Calvin for SCR Photos

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