The Chronisseur 17 of 420

Three OG’s, a Sour D, and the news that the San Diego City Council was forced to repeal their unfair de facto ban on medical cannabis collectives made for one very happy Chronisseur this month. This was one of our most enjoyable sessions yet…

H3C Marilyn OG: (HCCC)
“Nice nug. Very tight and almost perfectly formed. Really nice shades of green with dark, almost reddish brown hairs. It has a very appealing aroma, especially when pinched. I’m really looking forward to trying this one! The flavor is definitely that of an OG with a hint of tartness that lingers for a few minutes after the hit. It’s literally mouthwatering. It has an initial cerebral high that quickly travels all throughout the body. I had never heard of the Marilyn OG before today, but I really enjoyed it. It would work great for moderate pain relief or a sleep aid. Very nicely done!”

“Another tight little nugget. It looks a lot like the Marilyn, but with darker red hairs and some light green in the shading. It’s packed full of shiny trichomes when snapped open. Although the Marilyn and the H3C look a lot alike, the H3C tastes much sweeter. It packs quite a punch, but isn’t overly harsh. After a few hits, I feel very “comfortably numb”. This strain would be great for patients in need of pain management. All around great job on this one!”

619 SFV OG: (Green Works SD)
“Yet another beautiful bud! Light green with bright red hairs. Very beautiful, inside and out. The aroma is on the sweeter side for an OG, but it’s amazing! Too bad the photos aren’t scratch and sniff, because this one really smells great. It tastes great also. Really nice mouthwatering OG flavor. I have always been a fan of the Valley Kush, and this was no exception! It is not so much a daytime strain, so medicate accordingly. It would be perfect for someone who needs bed rest. Definitely giving this one a thumbs up!”

Sour Diesel: (Southern Lites)
“For a Sour Diesel, this is one of the tightest buds I’ve seen. It was obviously grown with care. There are so many different shades of green covered by beautiful red hairs, and it has that tell-tale petroleum scent of Sour Diesel…nice. It also has that trademark Sour Diesel flavor. This sample obviously comes from strong genetics, which is extremely important. No matter how much experience and knowledge you have, if the genetics are weak, the final product will not be up to par. Cerebral high is instant, but not too overwhelming. It’s a nice balance of both body and mind relaxation. I would recommend this one to a patient who prefers a Sativa dominant strain for daytime medicating.”

Hopper says he is cautiously optimistic about the City Council’s decision to repeal the de facto ban on collectives in San Diego. While the fight is by no means over, as certain council members made clear by making veiled threats, this victory has made it clear that San Diegans are largely in favor of safe access to medical cannabis. “I hope that the success of the repeal shows people that their voices and their opinions do make a difference…a very big difference. Every single person who signed the referendum deserves credit for this victory.” We talked awhile about the basic right to safe access, and that led to a discussion on why Hopper’s Green Door Collective is a private, members-only establishment. “It’s not ‘exclusive’ – the purpose is not to exclude anyone in need, I just keep membership numbers lower in order to maintain the highest quality patient care and privacy. When I am talking to a patient who is fighting cancer, I don’t want him/her to feel rushed because there is a long line. At The GDC, we are here for our patients, and that’s the bottom line, nothing else matters. We are here for them and because of them.” He also broke the news that The GDC is now interviewing potential new patients on Wednesdays and Fridays, and appointments can be made by contacting him at

“I want the opportunity to meet patients who may not have a referral to become a member. The average age of a GDC patient is 35-40, and we are of all walks of life. I’m not going to promise that everyone who is interviewed will be accepted, but I do promise to accept those who are genuinely in need of safe, private, and high quality care.” I asked Hopper what he thought about those who criticize him for not allowing everyone with a doctor’s recommendation into The GDC, and how some say he is a snob who just hangs out with a lot of bands and thinks he is ‘Mr. Cool Guy’. His answer was simple: “Anyone who knows me, knows that is not true. Actually, it’s so untrue, it’s laughable.”

Story By: Pamela Jayne
All photos by: Phil Calvin for SCR Photos

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