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By: Pamela Jayne | Photos By: Phil Calvin for SCR Photo

Hopper’s workload was a little heavier this month as we had five strains for him to sample. I thought he was happy the first time we gave him four strains to review, but it’s true, the quickest way to The Chronisseur’s heart is through his lungs.

Banana Kush: (Organic Growth)
“This bud is draped in tons of red hairs with light green leaves shinning through. The hairs are as close to solid red as I have ever seen. Its aroma definitely lives up to its name; it actually does smell like a bunch of bananas! Although it smells like bananas, it doesn’t have the same taste. I wouldn’t describe it as ‘fruity’, but more of an earthy flavor with a slight hint of berry. The hit was easy on the lungs and offered a really great head high. This strain would be a good choice for patients with limited lung capacity who are looking for a natural relaxant.”

Skywalker: (Balboa Medical)
“The little nugget seems to have been grown well. Its lighter shade of green is complimented by a few reddish hairs and lots of trichomes. It is just a little bit ‘wispy’, but that could be due to genetics, not grower error. It smells like a Skywalker OG cross to me; a very sweet aroma with a nice OG overtone. I’m looking forward to sampling this one! Just like the aroma, the flavor is also very sweet. The hit settles in nicely. It is not at all harsh. It gives a good cough, no choke. Great for a patient in need of relaxation and stress relief; and it would also be a perfect strain for tension headaches.”

Blackout: (Balboa Medical)
“I have never heard of this strain, but it does appear to have been nicely grown. The dark green colored leaves set off the bright red hairs. Overall, a really good-looking bud. It smells much like an OG or from the Chem Dawg family. The hit was excellent with really great flavor. It gave me a pleasant cough, but it wasn’t a choker. The flavor coats the tongue and sticks around for awhile. It is somewhat spicy on the palette, but by spicy, I mean flavorful, not uncomfortable. It also has a hint of a hash-like flavor. The high has a sedating effect. This is an ideal strain for patients suffering from moderate to severe pain or in need of bed rest due to injury or illness.”

Chewbacca OG: (Balboa Medical)
“This bright green little nug, although small, is a beautiful specimen accented by many different shades of green. The red hairs shine through, so do the many trichomes. Its aroma is just like a nice OG, a really nice OG. This sample was obviously grown with care and expertise; I can’t wait to give it a try! Serious expansion in the hit, it gave me quite a cough. It has a very strong OG flavor that coats the tongue even after the hit and the cough. An almost instant high, both head and body. Nearly any patient would benefit from this strain; it eases pain in the body and mind. To the grower – great job!”

Purple Kush: (Organic Growth)
“Although this sample doesn’t seem to have much purpling, it is still a nice, tight little bud covered with slightly red hairs. Actually, they are more orange than red. The aroma is not very strong; it has a sweet overtone and no Kush-like smell. It’s a little on the floral side. Maybe it was crossed with Purple Urkle. The hit was fairly pleasant; it took another BIG hit just to get a slight cough. Sorry to say that the flavor just isn’t what I have come to expect from the Purple Kush. It’s earthier with somewhat of a nutty undertone. Due to its mild expansion, this sample would be a good choice for a patient who is new to medical cannabis.”

Hopper has been hinting at it for awhile and now the time has finally come. Although it will remain a private patient care center, The GDC, San Diego’s original Green Door Collective, is now open to new members. Of course, all patients must have a valid California ID, a current doctor’s recommendation, and be at least 21 years old. To all of his long-term patients, Hopper says, “We will still have the highest quality and the same personalized one-on-one service as always, so don’t worry about being treated like a number. Patient care is our number one priority and you have my word that it will not change. Our patients have become like family members to us over the years; we’re just expanding the family!” Stop by 3021 Adams Avenue and let The Chronisseur budtend for you! For more information and to see The GDC’s first ever print ad, take Bob Seger’s advice and “turn the page.”

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