The Chronisseur 2 of 420

Here’s the deal. Each month we provide our resident Chronisseur with three different strains from various collectives in and around San Diego. He is not told where they came from, or who the grower is. This is the honest, off-the-cuff opinion of Hopper: The Chronisseur.

Before we could sit down to sample this month’s variety of Pure Kush, J-1, and Chem Dog, he insisted on a thorough cleaning of his favorite Sour bong. A casual chat while the rubbing alcohol and kosher salt worked its way through the resin left from yesterday’s session reminded me of something Brad X recently said about Hopper. “If they gave out PhDs or black belts for cannabis expertise, Rich (Hopper) would be a renowned and HIGHLY acclaimed master of his trade…
I mean, he has a tattooed green thumb! What else can I say?” On that note, we stopped chattin’ and got to snappin’. Here is what Hopper had to say about this month’s selections.

Pure Kush:

“This was grown well and flushed correctly, obviously with a lot of care put into the curing process. Because of its sour, petroleum flavor I think it might actually be an 818 Kush or a Valley Kush. But hey, a bomb bud is a bomb bud!”


“Sativa dominant, almost pure. Very nice earthy, piney smell. Whoever did this one definitely knows what he’s doing. Or maybe she…some of the best growers I know are females. The ladies are a hugely overlooked part of the medical marijuana community. But back to the bud. Floaty high, flavorful, and smooth on the exhale. All around excellent experience. I’ve always been a fan of the Jack Herer and Skunk #1. I was so bummed to hear he’d passed, he was a personal hero.”

Chem Dog:

“Damn! Trichromes are shining like diamonds on this one! I gotta say though, it’s just a little bit too wispy and harsh. An overall good head-high though. Not that there is anything really bad about it, but…I don’t know, guess I’m just spoiled. Hard not to be living here in SD. I swear we have some of the best weed in the world, hands down.”

That’s a wrap on the first of many sessions to come. The Sour bong is back on the shelf, cleaned and ready for the next three strains. Check back next month for more reviews by our very own Chronisseur.

Story by Pamela Jayne
Photo by Derek Plank
Nug Shots by M.K. Jack

Publisher’s note Pure Kush from Cloud9, J1 from Green Power, & Chem Dog from Organic Experience.

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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