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We had The Chronisseur put in some overtime this month with six strains to sample and review. What better way to kick off the New Year than with half a dozen of the most pristine nugs Hopper has seen all year, which was grown and provided by San Diego’s finest green thumbs.

Romberry: (G-Dub)
“Wow! This perfect-looking nug is a lighter shade of green with a moderate amount of red hairs and an overwhelming amount of shining trichomes. This is an excellent example of what an experienced grower can produce. The aroma is simply amazing. Very sweet berry smell that is not too overwhelmed by the Romulan cross. It has a naturally sweet aroma, not sugary-smelling at all. I can’t wait to hit this one! The flavor is also very sweet and berry-like, just like the name says. It offers a nice expansion followed by a good cough. The flavor lingers and is very pleasant-tasting. The Romberry provides an immediate head and body ‘high’. This sample was obviously grown with care and patience. I would recommend it to most patients because of its versatility in treating a wide variety of common ailments.”

SoCal Trash: (Anonymous Grower)
“Let me start by saying that there is nothing trashy about this new strain. It is actually a cross of Trainwreck and Hash Plant, hence the name. This knockout love child of two top notch strains is draped in trichomes and sparkles like stripper glitter when held up to natural sunlight. It is also a really dense little nugget. Its aroma is hash-like and piney, not at all sweet. The pungent Hash Plant really comes through, more so than the Trainwreck. It is a great balance of aromas. The flavor is nearly identical to the aroma. It reminds me of a very piney hash. The hit packed a heavy punch to the lungs and the effect was very strong and very relaxing. I know this would be great for those in need of anxiety and stress relief. Hats off to the grower!”

Ogre: (G-Dub)
“A trichome covered bud with a deep olive colored tint on the outer leaves. The hairs are a darker shade of red, almost maroon. This piece was clearly grown and harvested with care and expertise. The aroma is not quite as pungent as I expected, but it is still pleasant. It is very earthy, herbal, and musky smelling. Now on to the hit…The flavor is surprisingly hashy-tasting. Although it didn’t pack quite as much of a punch as I expected it to, it was smooth and enjoyable. The ‘high’ hit quickly and throughout my entire body. This is an ideal strain for aches and pains of all kinds. I am very impressed with this sample.”

LA Confidential: (Patient X)
“Two words: Bud Sap. It’s something I don’t see on a regular basis, so this is definitely a treat! The coloring is bright lime green with orange hairs and a plethora of trichomes. This is literally one of the best-looking nugs I have seen all year. Its aroma is very, very sweet and piney as well. It smells every bit as amazing as it looks. No doubt, this is going to taste incredible. The sweetness coated every taste bud in my mouth. Great expansion with an aromatic exhale that will turn heads. The ‘high’ hits immediately and straight to the head. A full on dome run. This is a serious strain for serious patients. Definitely do not operate heavy machinery while medicating with the LA Confidential (Don’t worry; the microwave is not considered heavy machinery!). Kudos to Patient X, you are definitely in the top tier of San Diego’s medical cannabis growers.”

Sour OG: (Coma)
“The first thing I noticed about the Sour OG is its deep green coloring and orange-red hairs. Although it could have been trimmed a little tighter, it is still a nice-looking sample. It’s very sticky and that is always a good sign. For some reason, the aroma reminds me more of Trainwreck than Sour OG, not that it is a bad thing. I dig the lemony-pine aroma. Now for the taste test. Good flavor, similar to the aroma. It’s piney and pungent. Not extremely expansive, but smooth and flavorful. Very relaxing effect, especially in the neck, back, and shoulders. Pretty much any patient would benefit from the use of this strain. Keep up the good work, Coma!”

PB Porch Bud: (BigBFarms)
“This bud is a striking dark shade of green with very light orange hairs. The contrast of colors is remarkably stunning. The aroma is sweet and citrus-like with a crisp hint of pine as well. It’s a very well-balanced aroma. I have a feeling that I am really going to enjoy sampling this one. Nice flavor, tastes hashy with a touch of berry. Just like its aroma, the flavor is well-rounded and robust. The ‘high’ has an instant cerebral effect soon followed by a wave of relaxation throughout the entire body. This is an exceptional piece, but don’t let the name fool ya. You won’t find this on just any porch in PB. This is the cream of the crop! Big props to BigBFarms for a job very well done.”

The collectives may be closing, but the growers keep on growing, and they certainly are not showing any sign that they are slowing. . .  Enjoy that modified obscure reference and have a Happy New Year!

Article by: Pamela Jayne | Nug Shots by: Phil Calvin for SCR Photo | Photo by: William Riley

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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